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Overcome challenges and meet your business goals with Innovecs cloud services. Our on-demand development teams with seasoned experts covering deep expertise in cloud development are ready to supplement your teams or meet the scope of your project independently: from cloud applications, platforms, infrastructure, digital migration, to end-to-end cloud strategy.

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Innovecs is collaborating with AWS to deliver solutions that run on AWS for its customers. We provide valuable technical support for cloud maintenance and performance improvement due to access to various tools and education programs that help enhance the effectiveness of cloud solutions.

Experience Your Cloud Journey with Innovecs
Understanding the Benefits of Cloud for Your Business
Innovecs has seen rapid adoption of cloud computing in recent years, and we believe it is only the beginning as cloud computing has massive growth potential. While some companies are in the early stage of cloud transformation, the majority continue to express interest in turning to company-wide cloud deployments. Those companies who could discern the benefits of cloud services have won their markets. Become one of such companies!
Finding a Trusted Partner to Manage Your Cloud Project
To navigate the complexities and create the pathway to higher performance in your cloud journey, you need to team up with a trusted partner like Innovecs who understands the complications as well as the benefits associated with deploying and adopting cloud infrastructure. We are a wholly-owned U.S. company with roots in software development, serving many companies' mission-critical requirements. We aim to drive innovations and transform complex environments into high-performing, secure cloud solutions.
Benefitting from Efficient Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading public cloud provider in commercial and federal markets. Our dedicated and talented AWS-trained professionals have delivered a wide range of solutions that run on AWS providing our clients enormous benefits by supporting a seamless integration between two areas — developing software and managing a platform. Having these two expertise under the same leadership distinguishes Innovecs from many other providers.
Services We Provide
You can greatly benefit from adopting cloud solutions in your project. Store sensitive enterprise data with advanced protection and make sure it remains inaccessible to third parties unless you grant such access by yourself. Increase the capacity of your cloud environment without the need to spend money on physical maintenance, thus cutting CapEx costs. In the event of emergency situations, protect essential business data with the help of cloud solutions.


Providing end-to-end cloud services — from planning, designing, building, migrating, running, and operating, to automating and optimizing the entire cloud platform.


Maintaining mission-critical cloud workloads through Amazon DynamoDB which can flawlessly process over 10 trillion requests on a day-to-day basis.


Executing data migration to Amazon Aurora which requires minimum data management effort, scales data as it grows, and performs regular system backups.


Streamlining infrastructure management and code deployment, automating and optimizing software releases, and tracking performance with the best DevOps practices.

Delivering cloud solutions within healthtech, fintech, gaming, and adtech industries
Innovecs development teams can take on the responsibility to build and integrate cloud solutions aiming to enhance your healthtech, fintech, adtech, or gaming business. We have already delivered a number of cloud solutions for our clients from the below-listed industries. From selecting the architecture approach to full-cycle development and post-release support — we’ve got you covered!


From massive storage capacities to increased control over patient data: cloud opens up great opportunities for healthcare providers. It covers healthcare segment training, consulting, e-prescribing, and medical records analysis. Migrating healthcare operations to the cloud adds more agility, security, and accessibility to medical resources as well as providing greater reach during emergencies.



Cloud adoption in the financial sector boosts operational efficiency by optimizing and securing payment and billing processes. Financial institutions can benefit by moving their services to the cloud and achieving improved system scalability to support ever-growing customer demand(s). Cloud in fintech is more than just a technology, it’s a business model.



Advanced security, easier access, higher availability, and compatibility of the games are among the major benefits the cloud technologies can bring to the gaming industry. Cloud allows for building flexible and scalable gaming infrastructures with the possibility to easily maintain sudden outflows and influxes of the players. Dynamic support and high performance are also provided.



The cloud-based advertisement provides a range of benefits: from hosting flexibility and enhanced collaboration to increased security and scalability. Manage your ad campaigns in real time, eliminate the need for complex backups, keep better control over access levels, and easily integrate numerous helpful tools. Apart from the ad management platforms, our teams can build ML-powered media processing engines to help you target audiences smarter.

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Leveraging Deep AWS Expertise

Our engineers possess a wide knowledge of AWS technologies and passed all Associate-level AWS exams.

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