Mobile APP Development Services

End-to-end Mobile Application Development by Innovecs

Outsource native or hybrid app development to Innovecs. Our mobile team can provide you with full-cycle project capabilities for mobile software development. As a result, you will receive a high-quality application with a great user interface and enhanced security.

Mobile Application Services
Innovecs’ mobile software development services include the product analysis, development of technical requirements, proofs of concept, planning phase with UI/UX design, instant code reviews, QA, and regular status updates. Mobile software development is based on new technologies like Flutter and Kotlin, which allow speeding up application and scaling it up when required.


Preserve the native feel and look of apps running both on Android and iOS


Ensure seamless interaction between native apps and device functionality


Have an app tailored for wearable devices like smartwatches or fitness bands


Update technology stack for faster deployment cycles and scalability


Enhance your software performance by integrating with other applications

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react native
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All Technology Specialists Under One Roof

Innovecs provides you with access to a wide talent pool. Our software engineers have an average of five years of experience in the creation of native and hybrid mobile apps. They are versed in UI/UX design, quality assurance, DevOps services, and ongoing technical support.

At Innovecs, our mobile development teams use the latest technologies, such as PhoneGap, to speed up mobile application software and reduce the number of dependencies. Developers try to expand the technology stack from time to time to enhance app performance and scale it up when required.

Full Cycle of Mobile Software Development

Come to Innovecs with an idea, and we will turn it into a full-fledged working product. Innovecs has a tailored mobile software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Project initiation includes a Discovery stage helping unveil real business needs, get the overall idea of project scope, and set project acceptance criteria. The Design stage is aligned with SDLC covering app concept, planning, delivery, and monitoring phases.

Our clients can control each stage of the mobile application development services by being present at regular meetings aimed at the discussion of the overall progress.

Improved Risk Management Capabilities

Innovecs is experienced in managing the risks that may occur due to market fluctuations, government regulation amendments, or certain financial issues.

When communicating the project requirements with the client, Innovecs details a risk management plan to identify possible risks and detect their triggers.

Throughout the project, we monitor the triggers and initiate the mitigation action once the risk occurs. Innovecs’ mobile software development services also carry out vulnerability analysis to exclude the risk of leakage. This is vital for apps accessing users’ sensitive data.


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Efficient Project Management Process

The entire mobile software development process is based on Agile and has clear and realistic milestones and iterative software development. It allows for faster bug fixing and continuous delivery. As a rule, each client is assigned a personal project development manager who handles all administrative issues, while a senior software development manager leads app developers and takes full responsibility for hiring skilled team members.

To achieve greater transparency in communication, Innovecs initiates regular comprehensive reporting on the current development status.

Best Practices in Mobile Software Development

Mobile application development services at Innovecs stand on continuous improvement and knowledge sharing to deliver high-quality products. For the sake of better quality across mobile software development projects, Innovecs holds regular senior engineer meetings. These meetings focus on technology stack and architecture for new projects, help resolve disagreements, give recommendations on emerging technologies, and brainstorm on how to solve technical issues.

Innovecs’ teams conduct internal audits for active projects to ensure that planned and committed architecture was sufficient for the projects’ initial requirements.

Efficient Mobile Application Quality Assurance

Manual and automated testing is a part of Innovecs’ software development cycle. Our engineers take time to test user interface, functionality, hybrid or native mobile app reliability, and security by running the application across real devices.

Being an ISO-certified mobile app development company in the US, Innovecs is extremely concerned about security testing. Security cannot be overlooked. So, our quality assurance engineers conduct potential threat analysis. They emulate real user scenarios from the application download to the interaction with third-party tools like PayPal.

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High Performance and a Long Device’s Battery Life
Developing a bug-free and well-performing native or hybrid mobile app with low battery consumption that will run seamlessly on many devices is a challenging task. If the application functions well on one device, it does not mean it perform similarly on others.

We realize that quality products have wider audience recognition. So, to handle this challenge, the app developers at Innovecs allocate time for testing the application on different devices, including old and new. They try it on different versions of operating systems as well.

Highly Secure Hybrid or Native Mobile App
Innovecs’ engineers are extra cautious when it comes to security.

To deliver fool-proof code, our developers test it for vulnerabilities and regularly scan and analyze to help detect potential application flaws and fix them on time.

To ensure sensitive users’ data remains safe, Innovecs’ engineers encrypt each data unit both at rest and in transit. The encrypted transmission of data from device to server prevents data from being leaked.

To deploy a risk-free app, Innovecs’ QA engineers emulate multiple security situations to make sure the application is ready for production.

User-Friendly Mobile Application Interface
If you understand how the application functions, it does not mean it will also be intuitive for your future users. The product that forces users to think is not a successful one. So, the key challenging task is to develop a self-explanatory app that will be easy to set up and use.

By ordering the Innovecs’ mobile application development services, rest assured that this challenge will be effectively carried out. At the stage of prototyping, our UI/UX designers build up a clear structure of the app to achieve enhanced user experience. We also provide users with brief in-app instructions for their easier navigation.