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Extend your software development and support teams with Innovecs’ experienced engineers. We’ll partner and align seamlessly within your business.



By outsourcing discrete software development services and support requirements to Innovecs, you will be able to focus your attention on your core business.



Partner with Innovecs – a software development company – to jointly design, engineer, deliver and support solutions, vital in your digitalization journey.


We are a software development company that builds enterprise-grade solutions for businesses across the globe. We can either create tools from scratch or customize your enterprise-scale products.

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Commence your partnership with Innovecs' R&D consultants. They work collaboratively with your business and technology units, to analyze and design a strong, scalable and fit for purpose product specification and architecture. As a software development service provider, we leverage our expertise in dedicated technologies and industries, to design a variety of solutions. We customize ready-made tools, enhance data management, make integrations into existing and 3rd party systems, and develop brand new products from scratch.



We use iterative agile software development approaches. They allow us to flexibly react to changing needs, whilst maintaining best practice delivery cadence. Our experienced managers work with client stakeholders, governing projects with daily standups and weekly reporting. To ensure the highest quality software development services, our engineers are constantly synchronized with R&D to follow the latest cutting edge trends. If the development process unveils any opportunities for innovation improvements, they are implemented within the solution itself upon the client’s approval.



Rest assured that your project will be delivered on time, budget, and within the specified requirements. If you created a new solution from scratch, our software developers and QA engineers will help optimize the solution’s performance once it is deployed. For customizations, we seamlessly integrate the new solution with an existing one to mitigate any challenges caused by the adoption of a new tool. On the production stage, our DevOps engineers can support your solution 24/7 and developers can help with some refinements if required whilst ensuring your solution remain bug free.



We help businesses scale by enhancing and expanding their products. We assess the environment, identify existing bottlenecks, devise an effective approach on improvements, and deliver a custom solution regardless of its complexity. We also manage all the operations during the entire software development process to make it smooth and effortless. By outsourcing software development to Innovecs, you can concentrate on achieving your business goals instead of spending your valuable time and resources solving technical issues.


Learn more about Innovecs, a software development company, by reviewing our credentials. It includes development and consulting services for both mature corporations and emerging businesses.

Adding Value to Your Supply Chain with 5 Irreplaceable Components

Supply chain management (SCM) is a wide range of processes required to plan, manage, and execute a product’s flow from raw materials to the creation of a final product and its distribution in the most cost-effective way.

SCM incorporates a set of actions needed to streamline the flow of goods and services, information, and costs by covering these stages: planning, sourcing, production, inventory management, and logistics. Companies use both business strategy and supply chain management software to create a competitive advantage.

Supply chain management is a complex undertaking where each participant has to put forth much effort—starting with suppliers to manufacturers and beyond—for it to run seamlessly. Because of this, powerful SCM also requires change management, cooperation, and risk management to create alignment and interaction between all the partners.

Many challenges plague the supply chain industry. A few supply chain data sources reveal that many professionals are having problems with improving their operational visibility (21.1%) and meeting the changing customer demands (19.7%). This is in addition to being constrained by cost increases and the increasingly competitive business landscape.

Now might be the time for businesses to start rolling out data-driven processes to improve their overall supply chain.

Developing a Telehealth Platform from Zero to Hundred

Femi Premium is an Israel-based company handling service-intense projects and sophisticated processes. The company partners up with top corporations coming from the Israeli insurance industry. The company aims to make medical treatment easily accessible and provide telemedicine solutions to healthcare organizations and premium clients. Femi Premium is strongly committed to the provision of quality services, implementing projects in procurement, healthcare, and other industries.



Our software development company has a global presence, with offices in the USA, UK, and Israel. Innovecs is recognized as one of the fastest-growing outsourcing companies in the USA. Our R&D and software development teams are located in Ukraine and employ more than 700 engineers.

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Message from CEO Alex Lutskiy on COVID-19
To all Innovecs employees, clients, and partners As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to develop and affect people globally, I want to personally update you on the steps Innovecs is taking to maintain our business operations and ensure the health and safety of our staff. We remain committed to ensuring the superior service our clients have come to expect from us. We monitor the situation closely and remain watchful to the recommendations of government and public health authorities. Our R&D teams, as well as all other employees, continue to work remotely, and we are ready to adjust the measures in response to changing quarantine circumstances. We have established a special COVID-19 team within senior management to respond to the ever-changing impact of the coronavirus and to protect employees’ health and safety. We have also set up regular online meetings to keep up to date and plan activities so that we could advise our customers and coordinate our teams accordingly. And we continue to provide our internal and external audiences with the relevant webinars and online events with regard to the new world order. To combat the spread of the disease in Ukraine, Innovecs has created the “Innovecs COVID-19 Fund” in the amount of 1,500,000 (one million and a half) hryvnias. The fund is directed to support the initiatives that fight coronavirus, as well as to ensure the safety of the company’s employees and their families. As part of this initiative, Innovecs purchases and installs an oxygen pipeline system at one of the Kyiv hospitals. This is a challenging period for everyone, and the situation is changing rapidly, but Innovecs is responding to it with unity, as a company, and as a team. I believe that when we stand together through moments that bring uncertainty and seem dark, we come out even stronger in the end.  Thank you for your patience and attention throughout this stressful time. As an employer and a partner, Innovecs is confident in our business continuity plan and our ability to provide support to our clients and staff. It is my sincere hope that our efforts and those of businesses, communities, and governments will empower the containment of the coronavirus and enable a speedy recovery for people around the world. In the meantime, let’s stay safe and help others keep safe too.   Sincerely, Alex Lutskiy Innovecs CEO & Founder  
Why a GRC Software Solution Is Vital For Your Business
As we see from the 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report, more than 500 companies around the world suffered a breach over the past year. Organizations are now creating an urgent demand for reliable, feature-rich, and trusted solutions that meet the GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) regulations, forecast risks, identify problems and mitigate them before they happen.The report data is based on hundreds of cost factors, including legal, regulatory, and technical procedures to the loss of brand equity, customers, and human productivity. The highlights from this year’s report include:For the last nine years, the healthcare industry suffered the highest cost of a breach—almost $6.5 million on average (60% more than other sectors in the survey). Over 50% of data breaches were caused by malicious cyberattacks and cost $1 million more on average than those that resulted from accidental causes. Big breaches of more than 1 million data records cost companies approximately $42 million in losses, and breaches of 50 million data records can cost companies $388 million. Companies that have an incident response team have reduced those costs to $1.23 million on average. The average price of a breach in the US is $8.19 million, more than double the worldwide average.Another report from IBM Security and Ponemon Institute examined the financial consequences of a data breach and how companies can reduce the impact.An effective GRC platform helps companies to identify the risks before they occur, centralize the entire program in one place, and integrate risk management across all business procedures.
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