ML & Data Science Consulting

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science Consulting to Enhance Your Solution

Incorporate data science solutions into your software to benefit from accurate predictions and make informed decisions on their basis. Benefit from our machine learning consulting to make your solution self-trained and adaptive to the changing environment. Ask for data science services if you’d like to disrupt your domain with high-tech software.

ML & Data Science Services
Innovecs’ engineers are experienced in creating data science solutions for companies operating across different domains, such as ad tech, logistics, and healthcare. However, their vision is not limited to these realms. Our engineers start the project by investigating its goals and apply machine learning where appropriate.


Make informed decisions based on enhanced predictions


Benefit from historical data, learn from it and forecast future trends


Learn your solution for human-like interaction


Adapt your data for further analysis and modeling


Enhance your analysis with big data manipulations



Looking for data science consulting?

Seize the opportunity to improve your analytics with data science solutions. Innovecs will customize your software to collect data from various sources, clean the mess, and forecast future trends.



Data Science Services: Know Your Customer to Enhance Targeting

Optimize your digital marketing campaigns with the help of data science consulting.

Innovecs will help build a solution that improves customer targeting based on data analysis.

Backed by experience in machine learning consulting, Innovecs can deliver a solution that not only consolidates data from various sources but segments users, too. Based on this segmentation, advertising companies, supply- and demand-side platforms can make more accurate predictions of target audience behavior. As a result, this allows for revenue growth with lower advertising costs.

Data Science Solutions: Cut Your Logistics Costs with Better Predictions

Accuracy of predictions influences costs across different stages of supply chain and logistics.

For warehousing, you can reduce your stocks and increase inventory turnover by forecasting future demand trends.

For supply chains, you can optimize routing and deliveries by predicting what exact product, in what quantity, when, and where will be required.

Machine learning techniques will also optimize palletizing by combining not only similar products but packages of different sizes.

In the case of Innovecs, you will benefit from data science outsourcing because our expertise lies at the intersection of logistics and machine learning.

Machine Learning Consulting: Treat Your Patients Based on Grounded Data Analysis

Healthcare providers benefit from adapting first-class technologies in their daily work. Usage of algorithms based on machine learning is one of the modern approaches. Since patients are using wearables to collect their own vitals, the volume of data that can be utilized for estimations and predictions becomes enormous.

Data science solutions can enhance treatments or give alerts based on the current health state of a patient. Innovecs’ AI development team will help to create AI-driven assistants to support your patients. By outsourcing this to Innovecs, you will release a reliant software quicker than you will do it in-house.

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Digital Summit in Boston: Key Topics and Digital Trends to Be Covered
What: Digital Summit When: October 21-22, 2019 Where: Boston, MA at The Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel Organized by: TechMedia Digital marketing has become an integral part of any business operations since it helps companies to be recognized in the online world. It is a powerful tool for developing brand awareness and reaching the right audiences. To get useful insights into digital marketing, many events are organized around the globe annually with the aim to bring together the best marketing minds under one roof. Digital Summit is one such event and is taking place on October 21-22, 2019 in Boston, MA at The Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel. It is a 2-day conference featuring 45+ sessions delivered by marketing experts from companies such as Marvel, Nike, Facebook, Microsoft, Home Depot, Pandora, TripAdvisor, LinkedIn, MGM Resorts, and others.    Why should you attend Digital Summit? This well-structured conference will have lectures and workshops covering all types of digital marketing, including content, SEO, social media, and advertisement. It is a great chance to network with marketers from the top companies, adopt their experience, and share your expertise.
Gain Insights into the IT Sphere at Open Day Held by Innovecs
Innovecs invites teenagers, school and college graduates, students, and everyone interested in the IT-sphere to attend Open Day. Open Day is a free event that has the purpose of revealing the truth of modern IT and helping to come up with the future profession. What: Open Day When: October 17th at 16:00 Where: Innovecs (Vatslava Havela Boulevard, 6Z) Price: Free Registration: At Open Day, you will have a chance to get answers to the following questions:What is IT all about? Why does everyone want to become a part of it? What skills and knowledge do you need to work in IT? How to become a developer and is it worth it? What kind of background do you need? How does Innovecs look inside and why is it so important for us to engage new people into the sphere?  Open Day Agenda 16:00 – Welcome word 16:15 – Olga Prykhno, COO/CFO at Innovecs 16:30 – Vasyl Tymoshenko, Designer + Middle Software Engineer 17:00 – Ivan Dovhal, Full-stack Senior Software Engineer 17:30 – Maksym Chugunov, QA lead Automation Engineer 18:00 – Gleb Kozyryatskyy, Lead Java Software Engineer 18:30 – Pizza and office tour Register for the event and get ready to learn the whole truth about IT.    
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How to Connect Shippers and Transportation Providers in Third-Party Logistics (3PL)
Over the last few years, the logistics industry has seen significant evolution. According to TechNavio, the global logistics market share will increase to $357.5 billion by 2022 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7%. Factors such as the increased popularity of online shopping, more high-speed Internet connections, and the faster adoption of mobile services can explain this prediction.As a result of this industry growth, the demand for improved transportation services has also risen. To streamline the overall supply chain management (SCM) and make it cost-effective, many small and mid-size e-commerce businesses have already started partnering with third-party logistics (3PL) services. Thus, this blog post will cover the following topics:key peculiarities and benefits of 3PL services major connectivity types between shippers and 3PL transportation providers benefits of API-led connectivity over other types