Leading with innovation and intelligence
Cloud Consulting
Tailored cloud consultancy addressing the challenges and pitfalls of Cloud Computing at every stage to maturity.
Our experienced consultants provide guidance and cost optimization strategies for optimal cloud resource utilization focused on business value. 
Cloud Infrastructure Management 
Build and deploy your applications on top of a Governed and Secure Cloud infrastructure.
Cloud management with Operational Efficiency, improving resource use and saving costs.  
Identify and Mitigate Risks early, ensuring smooth operations. 
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Infrastructure provisioning and scaling
Infrastructure and resource monitoring and alerting
Foundational Security configurations with identity and access control
Foundational Backup and Disaster recovery plans
High availability configurations and failover management
Cost optimization strategies
Customized network configurations
Recurrent maintenance
24/7 support
CI/CD and DevOps Automation 
Accelerate Speed to Market with AI enabled rapid coding, deployment of new features and updates.
Enhance Reliability by ensuring consistent, repeatable processes and immediate feedback on issues. 
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AI enabled IaC, version control and code repositories
DevSecOps pipelines
Automated Build and Deployment
Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD)
Release management
Observability and Monitoring Framework 
AI enabled Actionable insights by collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data, enabling proactively identify and resolve system issues. 
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Real-time system monitoring
AI enabled Log analysis and error detection
Scalability and resource allocation insights
Predictive analytics and anomaly detection
Infrastructure security event monitoring
Customizable alerting and notification system
Kubernetes Runtime Management 
Competitive edge through enhanced scalability, improved efficiency, and streamlined operations.
Unified container orchestration and simplified management of applications across diverse platforms. 
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Kubernetes cluster management and optimization
Container orchestration and scaling
GitOps Automation
Load balancing and traffic management
Application performance insights
Advanced Security Configurations and access control **
Advanced Backup and Disaster recovery plans *
Leading with innovation and intelligence

Innovecs harnesses advanced cloud expertise to inspire innovation and drive digital transformation across diverse industries. Our mastery spans various domains, empowering us to tackle distinct business challenges in the industries we’re experts in. 

Intelligent Supply Chain
Optimize your supply chain operations, mitigate risks, and reduce costs.
Enable smarter decision-making and enhance efficiency.
Cloud for Gaming
Transform game workloads with purpose-built cloud services and solutions.
Immersive gaming experiences, leverage advanced technologies, and scale seamlessly to meet the demands of modern gamers.
Securely manage and store sensitive healthcare data in the cloud, with automated data encryption and access controls. 
Implement CI/CD pipelines for healthcare software updates, ensuring patient data privacy and system reliability while adhering to HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.
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