Make Your Product Transparent, Secure, and Scalable with a Blockchain Solution

Streamline instant payments and prevent fraudulent data use — Innovecs is highly experienced in blockchain software development and consulting. We build software from scratch, revamp existing solutions, integrate third-party services, and provide efficient advice backed by proofs of concept.


Blockchain Software Development to Verify Updates

Innovecs had developed a hybrid solution consisting of two parts. The first part was a blockchain on top of historic ledgers, to verify and store data changes. The second part was a relational database used to process data, speed up operations, and monitor contractor status records.

Blockchain Consulting Services for Terra Virtua

Terra Virtua, a unique VR entertainment platform, reached out to Innovecs for help to build an internal platform currency concept. The idea was to let players create their own environments and leverage in-game currency. Innovecs provided advisory services by handling work logic and token flow.

Integration of Coinapult into a telegram bot

Innovecs’ engineers integrated a Coinapult wallet into a telegram bot to enable interaction with Bitcoin wallets and fiat currency exchanges. For this, the team developed an external module that managed coin payments. It allows the creation of e-wallets and carrying out operations with US dollars and Euro.

Blockchain App for a FinTech Solution

Innovecs’ developers created a series of connectors for crypto platforms based on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The goal was to develop a fintech tool capable of connecting external crypto payments to handle incoming and outgoing transactions.

Blockchain developers at Innovecs have a strong track record for blockchain application development and consulting services for industries such as Healthcare, Gaming, E-commerce, and Financial Services. Innovecs can create anything from digital wallets built into messengers to white-label solutions, digital IDs, and enterprise-level distributed ledger software.


Create decentralized data holders for healthcare, insurance & banking


Enable secure peer-to-peer transactions


Create databases with traceable records, prevent fraudulent data use


Build mobile & web wallets, enterprise-grade keyservers & integrations


Automate connected device operations, disintermediate assets exchange


Produce real-time rewards and prevent unauthorized access to gift cards


Let users make purchases using cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin

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Blockchain Software Developers’ Skill Set

Because of the various business challenges handled, Innovecs has high expertise in blockchain development. Many of these challenges come from finance, e-commerce, and insurance fields, but they can be applied to other industries, including supply chain, healthcare, gaming, and edtech.

Innovecs’ team has developed solutions for verifying academic credentials to become part of a KYC compliance tool or producing a marketplace platform with peer-to-peer payments and lending.

Innovecs’ blockchain developers are senior or middle grade, which allows for the guiding of projects from different complexity levels.

Blockchain Consulting: Validation of Business Requests

In blockchain application development, Innovecs pays particular attention to the validation of business requests and acts as a dedicated consultant. If required, Innovecs can provide proofs of concept and a minimum viable product.

While providing consulting services, Innovecs strives to discover the true business needs, structure them, and align with the technical capacities of the blockchain technology.

Based on input data, Innovecs, as a blockchain development company, defines the project scope and technical requirements. The company provides recommendations on what can be implemented, a roadmap with clear project steps, and risks involved.

The High Level of Responsibility for the Project Performance

As an experienced blockchain software developer, Innovecs can either design a project from scratch itself or team up with a client’s in-house blockchain technology developers.

With every client, Innovecs’ dedicated account manager facilitates the communication process to deliver the solution on time and budget.

Since Innovecs isn’t only a blockchain development outsourcing company, its expertise within other domains will significantly contribute to the development process. For instance, Innovecs can help with UX/UI design to make the product more user-friendly and customer attractive or, during the production stage, DevOps engineers can be involved to increase product sustainability.


If you are looking for a blockchain development company, Innovecs is here to help. The company has a vast amount of experience integrating crypto wallets, building decentralized gamification elements, and delivering fintech tools. Innovecs provides both development and consulting services.

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Stages of Blockchain Software Development at Innovecs

Discovery Stage of Blockchain Application Development

For clients interested in blockchain services, Innovecs typically starts with a discovery stage. This stage helps establish a common understanding of business goals and development challenges. During this stage, our blockchain software developers estimate business processes in a short and long term perspective, audit the existing system, and present a solution along with proofs of concept.

The last step of the discovery stage is the planning phase, which allows defining technical requirements and a blockchain project scope including a feature set and product design.

The outcome of this stage is a draft of the development process.

Design Stage to Develop Blockchain

The development phase features clear milestones and code reviews to allow managing the project effectively.

The next phase, monitoring, is needed to control whether the performance of all product components corresponds to project success criteria.

Each development phase is documented in regular reports. Additionally, Innovecs’ blockchain developers initiate a series of internal meetings to exchange best practices across projects and revise the technical stack to eliminate errors in the long run. The knowledge sharing practices motivate teams across projects to use proven tactics preventing critical production issues.

Drive Stage with Transparent Reporting & Workflow

If you already have a solution that can be improved through decentralization or the adoption of smart contracts, Innovecs will help with customizing a blockchain in accordance with your needs.

You will be able to enhance the security and privacy of your solution by implementing digital ledgers. In addition, scalable protocols can smoothly increase the number of processed operations while still keeping them transparent and traceable.

On the implementation stage, Innovecs will set up transparent reporting to enable real-time monitoring of all the operations.

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Key Aspects of Designing a Blockchain Solution
When Blockchain Solutions Leverage Your Idea
These solutions give ground to transparent, automated, and secure contract fulfillment. With triggers set, smart contracts make payments fully automated and optimize cash flows while monitoring the way each party meets the contract terms. For instance, smart contracts enable remote buy-and-sell real estate deals.

In the prediction market, blockchain solutions help users take control of their funds, acting as the system oracles to report the event outcome and getting rewarded. These products prevent fake winning.

Furthermore, blockchain-based software allows tracking goods to impede forgeries.

Parameters to Take into Consideration
While choosing a blockchain for your solution, consider the following aspects.

Governance models influence blockchain security. On one hand, the more witness nodes are required for one transaction, the more secure solution is. On the other hand, blockchain service providers complain that the growing number of witness nodes affects the transaction speed negatively. Also, the governance model influences the project’s scalability, which means that if you need to expand your solution quickly, this must be examined from the very beginning.

The number of pre-designed features matters since they can significantly simplify the development process and cut costs.

Does Your Company Need a Blockchain Solution?
Signs that you need to start looking for a blockchain development company include the following.

First, you must protect your data. This may refer to banks, insurance companies, healthcare, and governmental institutions.

Second, your business will benefit from transaction traceability. Retail, e-commerce, logistics, and supply chain companies are major beneficiaries of this feature.

Lastly, you need to disintermediate your operations. This allows cutting costs and speeding up transactions. Logistics, real estate, and banking industries where the number of intermediaries is hefty will benefit from digital ledgers.