Intelligent Data Platform Solution Consulting
Business Triggers
  • Organizations are constantly searching unified solution addressing the key objectives of every digital transformation strategy:
    • Accelerate innovation
      • Improve productivity with automation and AI—and focus your resources on creating business value.
    • Achieve agility
      • Anticipate change and empower faster decision-making with an integrated data platform.
    • Build on a trusted platform
      • Protect and govern your data with the security and privacy controls required in today’s digital world.
  • Cloud Data Platform enabling intelligence at 3 layers:
    • Databases
      • Build cloud-native applications or modernize existing applications with fully managed, flexible databases.
    • Data Governance
      • Make it possible for anyone in your organization—whether they’re a data scientist, data analyst or domain expert—to explore, access, and analyze data.
    • Analytics
      • Analyze large volumes of data in near real-time with no extract, transform, and load (ETL) process—and no impact on transactional workload performance.
How customers benefit from it

Advanced experience across all database service

  • Get a consistent, unified experience across your entire SQL portfolio and take advantage of 
 flexible options for application migration, modernization, and development.
  • Build or modernize scalable, high-performance apps with a fully-managed NoSQL database 
  • Create and manage SQL databases on the most cloud-connected version of SQL Server yet.
  • Extend cloud data management to workloads on premises, at the edge, and in multicloud 

Accelerate time to insight

  • Get data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics from a single solution.
  • Explore the top reasons organizations choose Power BI for both self-service and enterprise BI 
  • Build business-critical machine learning models at scale.
  • Combine analytics and machine learning on an open and governed lakehouse foundation.

Manage and govern your data

  • Govern data across your entire data estate and maximize the value of your data.
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