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Big data consulting services can be an enormous benefit to your big data strategy, or they can be used to build a roadmap to update your solution. Analyze and visualize data, discover patterns, propose analytical models, make informed decisions, enhance analytics, and minimize risks.

As a big data consulting and application development company, Innovecs helps design high load architectures that optimize data processing. Innovecs has created solutions that provide data mapping, the aggregation of multiple data sources, efficient data splitting, and much more.


Automate merging of third-party data with your existing database


Build architecture solutions capable of processing massive data spikes


Split your data storage into two parts, historical and operational


Benefit from a scalable and centralized repository for data storage


Make informed decisions with the help of structured and visualized data

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Highload as an Entry Point of Big Data Enrichment
Highload refers to the situation when a variety of microservices processes thousands of simultaneous transactions. Usually, this involves industries, such as trading, e-commerce, logistics, or banking. During this process, a hefty volume of data is generated and must be stored for its further usage.

Big data consulting services in regards to highload can offer suggestions on how to speed up the system reaction and enhance capabilities of serving massive user spikes. Big data solution providers recommend architecture solutions that allow managing the speed of data processing regardless of data volume.

Big Data Services to Structure Data Delivery, Storage, and Search
Efficient processing of transactions is a keystone of effective data analysis.

For systems where data volume grows exponentially, data auditing and verification become impossible without a well-designed solution.

Such a solution will allow cleaning and aggregating data coming from different sources, splitting it into historical and operational for better data management, and organization of a repository to boost data searchability.

Big data consulting services advice on all these topics to make data structured, identified, traceable, and rule obeyed.

Big Data Solutions: Visualization, Modelling, and Reporting
When data processing is already organized, companies benefit from the convenient usage of this information. Innovecs analyzes what data to use for this goal and how to display it most conveniently.

Visualization, as well as reporting on the actual data, allows for creating easy-to-use dashboards and analytical tools that help companies make informed solutions.

Data modeling provides enterprises with predictions built on top of a company’s historical data. Moreover, if it is used with machine learning technology, this match generates more opportunities for effective data adoption.


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Why Entrust Big Data Consulting Services to Innovecs?

Approach to Big Data Development

Innovecs begins highload projects with a Discovery stage. A client provides Innovecs’ team with its goal and current vision. Then Innovecs provides a technical audit of data-heavy business processes and their management.

Based on this research, Innovecs begins big data consulting services. We dot our vision of the digital transformation journey and present a sustainable and easy-to-expand architecture with easy access to operating data.

Lastly, we provide application development for big data, to deliver an effective ready-to-use solution that meets our client’s requirements.

Proven Track Record in Big Data Outsourcing

Innovecs is vastly experienced in big data consulting services. We have worked with companies of different sizes, from startups to enterprises.

Innovecs has delivered projects focusing on database optimization, data migration, deployment of cluster monitoring, balancing between data segmentation, archiving, and storage subject to speed requirements. Some projects included the adoption of machine learning technology on top of big data.

Also, we help companies to choose a solution based on either cloud or physical servers. The right choice will result in optimal software performance as well as the proper management of resources and costs.

Post-release Support of the Big Data Solution

After releasing the project, Innovecs helps monitor whether data processing lives up to the client’s expectations. We help build the system of analytics with visualized dashboards to be alerted immediately when an issue arises.

Post-release support refers to the Drive stage and helps companies in their growth. In other words, correctly established analytics allows for growth points identification. For instance, if thousands of users work with one platform, optimization of one operation by even 0.1s can contribute the system effectiveness considerably.

As a big data application development company, Innovecs will help with the matching and mapping of data coming from different sources into one well-structured data set.

Intelligent Automation As A New Era Of RPA
I think intelligent automation can smooth certain tasks that in the past were impossible to be simplified, so not only will we have a much wealthier civilization, but the quality of work will go up very significantly and a higher fraction of people will have callings and careers relative to today. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. Intelligent Automation as comprising technology in the field of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is aimed at enabling business processes automation and digital transformation performance. According to the global Statista survey, 39% of respondents share the opinion that intelligent automation is implemented in their enterprises to streamline operational activities. And 32% more notice it is planned to launch RPA in a year. RPA worldwide revenue is growing constantly as it’s seen in the chart below.CMO of Softomotive, RPA solutions development company, Kyle Kim-Hays described the main 2020 trend of intelligent automation in such a way: “It’s specifically for 2020 that robotic process automation is moving from the field of back-office and IT-focused tasks and moved deeper into the production and day-to-day logistics and supply chain management operations”.  So, here we propose to outline the basics of the process intelligent automation, the main challenges of the industry now, to follow successful cases of RPA application in SCM and logistics as well as robotics technologies integration to enhance operational efficiency.
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Supply Chain Risk Management Solutions To Run Your Business Globally
In this article Rocky Osborn, Senior Vice President, Global Business Development & Client Success at Innovecs, a global software development company, provides insights in supply chain risk management, discusses main challenges and solutions, and describes real cases. In “Supply Chain Risk Management: Advanced Tools, Models, and Developments,” Dr. Yakob Khojasteh assumed that the statement, “all the goods produced can be sold,” is no longer true. Today, production businesses should consider optimal output, supply levels, and apply risk pooling (as a form of risk management) to operate efficiently—because factors such as consumer needs diversification and business competition globalization have decreased product life cycles. SCRM solutions are demanded on the market since they help companies to evaluate, forecast, and mitigate evolving risks in their developing supply chain networks. The world’s largest logistics companies, such as DHL, provide tools for business continuity planning, logistics control towers, supplier risk management, trade compliance, supply chain insurance, and sustainable procurement.  Software development companies, including Innovecs, can customize your transportation management, assist in collecting data from multiple sources, establish tracking processes, or optimize warehousing. The company follows best practices in SCRM to enhance business opportunities and decrease risks. So, let’s learn more about modern possibilities in supply chain risk management software implementation.
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