Quality Assurance Services

Outsource QA Engineers to Launch a Bug-Free Solution

Protect your software from the risk of failure during the pre-launch stage. Execute a variety of test cases to detect pitfalls. Prevent financial loss and data leaks due to inferior code. Enhance your development process by outsourcing QA engineers with critical thinking.

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Innovecs’ team embraces manual and automation QA engineers who can supplement the development process, create test cases, and identify defects in code. As a quality assurance company, Innovecs has delivered QA outsourcing services to a variety of companies, from enterprises and e-commerce platforms to gaming companies.


Prevent failures and enhance the product quality through customer validation


Assure bug-free delivery


Check out the system functionality by its separate slices


Identify whether your product runs correctly before launch


Enhance the UI/UX design of your solution based on user interview results


Examine software for defects


Ensure complete application security

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“Q” Stands for the Quality of Your Product
You cannot be assured of the quality and stability of your product until it is verified. This relates to both products created from scratch and features integrated into the existing software. For instance, without thorough testing, you cannot guarantee that a new feature will work correctly.

QA engineers not only check whether implementation corresponds to the requirements but also create various test scenarios to verify how the program behaves under different circumstances.

Innovecs effectively mixes the QA services of manual and automation QA engineers to test software in detail still meet time and budget requirements.

Monitoring of the Entire Development Process
QA engineers participate not only during the final stage of an assessment but are involved in the entire software development process.

They team up with product owners to deliver an exhaustive list of requirements for the solution. During the later stage, they verify and control implementation on correspondence to the requirements and validity of any connections created. During the iterative development process, QA engineers investigate functionality pieces. Once these pieces fit together into a coherent picture, Innovecs’ QA developers verify integrations and the validity as a whole.

For projects with hefty pieces of functionality that require recurring and time-consuming testing, Innovecs suggests and implements automated tests coverage.

Prevent Financial Loss Caused by Code Errors
If your project addresses financial processing, don’t skimp on quality assurance services. If you don’t have a QA engineer in your team, outsource software testing to a quality assurance company such as Innovecs to prevent potential financial loss.

Software assessment and verification helps to detect code breaches that can be used by scammers. This includes not only credit card scams but also fraud with refunds or spoofing.

The approach to testing varies based on the type of software to verify.

For instance, while working with the banking domain, Innovecs’ QA engineers use obfuscated datasets to protect any data leakage and always keep the client`s personal information secured during the QA and verification process.


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Quality Assurance Manual Testing to Investigate Essential Features

The major goal of quality assurance manual testing is to understand whether the software covers all the required functionality and works properly.

Once any defects are detected, they are tracked through test case management systems, such as TestLink or TestRail.

Innovecs, as automation and manual testing company, is capable of a variety of approaches to quality assurance services. We can provide a team for functional, sanity, smoke, regression, penetration, and beta/acceptance testing. For companies that are unsure of what type of quality assurance services they need, we suggest quality assurance consulting.

Outsource Automation QA Developer to Reduce Testing Costs

To enable continuous delivery, the released code needs to be tested. If you don’t have workforces responsible for this task, we advise outsourcing automation QA developers who can deliver quality assurance services and automation tests for assured stability of your product. What skill set is required here?

First, automation QA engineers are usually experienced in hands-on manual testing, so they are familiar with QA practices and business flow.

Second, they know several programming languages, so they’ll be able to write a test script that fits the project.

Lastly, they have a broad vision to predict where the problems will occur and prevent them in advance.

Quality Assurance Services Depending on the Software Platform

QA services differ depending on what platform your software utilizes; major ones include web and mobile testing. As a quality assurance company, Innovecs distinguishes the following challenges across these domains.

For web testing, you need to check out how the product is adapted to different browsers. Apart from the general functionality, a quality assurance software testing company must test security issues.

The challenge of mobile testing lies in the specificity of different devices. Smartphones have many resolutions and operating systems, whereas wearables deliver various biometric data. To examine this, Innovecs’ QA engineers use both emulators and real devices.

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Make Your Gaming App Secure by Outsourcing QA
If you need to outsource QA developers for a gaming product, you must test for the following concerns.

First, verify game security. This refers to both financial and user data. Nobody wants their account to be cracked or their data to be leaked. One of the most common breaches here is forged data streams (for instance, regarding winning benefits).

Second, check out the traffic analytics setup. In the case of wrong settings, you can’t make predictions and plan your changes in advance.

Lastly, examine how financial processing works. This domain requires special attention since this is connected with credit card security.

Outsource Software Testing for Enterprise-Grade Solutions
If you are developing enterprise-level software, you can outsource QA testing to check out whether all the integrations work properly.

The challenge here comes from a variety of connections and complicated cycles that must run like clockwork. This includes testing data transmission and storage, the appearance of wrong connections and duplications, and much more.

If you don’t have a QA engineer on your team, you are welcome to outsource QA testing. Here, at Innovecs, we have worked on complex solutions where many teams participate simultaneously. We can effectively plan the collaboration of QA engineers and the scope of regression testing to detect any changes once they enter into force.

Outsource Automation QA Developer for Ecommerce Platform
You can outsource QA engineers for your ecommerce platform to prevent any instabilities involved in hosting your shopping cart.

Innovecs’ QA services verify the interactions between shopping carts and checkout flows. Our QA engineers are responsible for functional, usability, security, performance, database, mobile application, and A/B testing.

Payment verification is also a high priority for Innovecs. Apart from verifying financial processing, our engineers take care of data security and the absence of any breaches.

Also, Innovecs can set up both manual and automation QA methods.

Security Testing services we provide

Here at Innovecs, we provide blackbox security testing services for our clients while it is an integral part of the entire software development lifecycle aimed at detecting vulnerabilities and determining resources for their elimination.

We combine manual and automated testing methods and tools to spot and prevent the following system security flaws: data manipulation, denial of service, identity spoofing, URL manipulation, unauthorized access, HTTP parameter pollution, SQL injections, invalidated redirects/forwards, storage security, cross-site scripting

Manual Security Testing

Our teams of QA engineers rely on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) best practices for manual security testing because it helps remediate security threats by providing access to a huge expert community.

Automated Security Testing

For automated security testing, we use end-to-end vulnerability scanners such as Acunetix WVS and Zed Attack Proxy, and special support tools such as SSLStrip, Fiddler, SQLMap, just to name a few.

Test Documentation

We create a test plan with test cases and scenarios after running which we analyze the results and generate reports with the information about the issue, steps for its reproducing, and suggestions for fixing.

Motivation and Headway in Testing. Innovate in QA Meet-up Summary
We live in a dynamic world that is changing rapidly and sometimes radically. That affects people, performance, and motivation. A coronavirus pandemic, transition to remote work, and war in Ukraine have negatively impacted many people and their careers. Some feel burned out and do not know how to evolve in their profession. Tetiana Rudenko, a QA Manual at Innovecs, faced demotivation for the first time in November 2021, and her teammates felt exactly the same. She started looking for a way to get her motivation back. As a result, she managed to inspire herself as well as her teammates. How? She shared her experience of motivating people, and her colleague, Arnika Hryszko, a Software Tester, shared tips on advancing the profession during Innovate in QA Online Meet-up. We have prepared a brief summary of the event covering the key points. There are two types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. The first one is something that sits inside and encourages you to get some feelings (for example, enjoyment, passion, fun, autonomy, self-fulfillment, etc.) Extrinsic or external motivation is about something that comes from outside (pay raise, recognition, perks, bonuses, punishment, benefits, etc.). Intrinsic motivation stimulates people to do complex and creative tasks, according to experts. Tetiana managed to find approaches for intrinsic motivation and inspiration for the team and focused on gamification. It helps the manager find a leader and motivate the team, bringing to work more fun, says Tetiana Rudenko. According to a Talent LMS survey, 89% of employees state gamification makes them feel more productive and happier at work. But different techniques fit different teams. Therefore, Tetiana suggests analyzing your process and colleagues using a human-focused gamification design framework called Octalysis. It lays out the eight core drives for human motivation: Meaning (a need or an urge to be a part of something bigger than yourself. When you add it to a game element, people believe that their actions have a purpose). Accomplishment (people are driven by a sense of growth towards a goal and accomplishment). Creativity (when a team member is engaged in a creative process and repeatedly figures things out and tries different combinations. When you add something to your game element that evokes the will to choose own direction, that gives people more energy). Ownership (if you add something that people will own, like virtual currency or some points, they are more likely to participate or contribute). Social influence (it incorporates all the social elements driving people including mentorship, acceptance, social responses, and companionship. You must include interaction between people, as they should learn from one another, and teach each other). Scarcity (this human drive is often used in marketing to show limited goods or services. If you add it to your work, it can act the same: if something is limited, people want it more). Unpredictability & Curiosity (it is a harmless drive of wanting to know what will happen next. If you do not know what is going to happen, your brain is engaged, and you think about it often. That is why we are so eager to finish a book or a movie). Avoidance (it is about avoiding pain or some negative consequences. If you stress that nothing negative will happen, people will be more engaged due to feeling safe). You can evaluate each drive and include those which will suit your team the best. Afterward, you can assess the results and enhance your game elements. Also, Tetiana shared some gamification techniques to use while working with your QA remote team for making a process more enjoyable: Create your own software if possible (Amazon and Microsoft use it for their employees). Gamify daily meetings. For example, let each team member answer non-tech questions before committing. For example, you can ask: “What would you do when you get $1M?” Prize draw. You can do it on every retrospective, for example. Write team members’ names in one column and a list of prizes in another. The randomizer matches the person’s name with a reward. It can be a cup of coffee, lunch, a day off, etc. Organize a competition. It might be an amazing game element, especially for competitive team members. Create a challenge. For example, if you find out that one of the main demotivators of your remote team is the lack of physical activity, you can suggest teammates set up a minimum number of daily steps for each of them. To start a working day, each teammate will have to show an activity report during a daily meeting. It will help unite and motivate your team. After the issue of motivation is sorted out, you and your team are willing to work. What typical mistakes do you have to avoid on the path to being a good tester and a pro in your field? Arnika Hryszko, a Software Tester with 15 years of experience in QA, has prepared some information regarding the topic. And here is her list of don’ts as a tester: Following a script. Imagine a detective arriving at a crime scene with a script, strictly following it, and ignoring the circumstances. Is it possible to solve the mysterious crime? Hardly. Being a good tester is exploration. You cannot use only one guide or way because it will not give you loads of answers. There are different test data, configurations, systems, etc. Use them as well. Treating requirements as ultimate truth. To have a comprehensive picture and do your best as a tester, you should ask questions, and seek other solutions. Try to find out whether everything is okay, do so-called static testing, and review the requirements. Maybe you will find that something is missed or wrong. Use your experience, brain, and more sources, such as other people, proofs of concepts, and exciting applications. All these things should be your oracle, apart from the requirements. Lack of peer reviews. Let us imagine that you wrote a book, and no one reads, proofreads it, or edits it before printing. How many mistakes will there be? There will definitely be some typos, and some crucial elements might be absent. And the same thing is with your test scripts. Someone should review them in the first place instead of pointing at your mistakes later. It is about learning and seeing another person’s perspective. It goes without saying that you can write a brilliant test case with all the possibilities. However, maybe there is something more or someone else has a different perspective or has used a similar application and might help to review whether everything is fine with the thing you produce. Locking oneself in one’s “silo”. Imagine building a house. Brickwork, windows, and roof are done by different professionals with no or little care for each other’s work. Will the individual elements fit together? Very much unlikely. As a tester, you should work with developers, managers, and architects. You all have the same aim. Relying on assumptions instead of facts. If something is missing, unclear or you are unsure about something, you should discuss it. That is why you have daily meetings, and planning — to be on the same page about what we do. Ignoring the need of having business knowledge. You cannot work properly without knowing a domain. It is essential to dive into an area you work in, to know its jargon, insights, and goals. To sum up, there is no magic pill that will make you a pro and help to motivate you and your team. It is hard work and a combination of numerous factors. However, it is achievable, especially with tips from our experts and your passion for the work you do.
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