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Innovecs can tailor ad tech solutions of any difficulty because our engineers are vastly experienced. Our ad tech development services include the development of supply- and demand-side platforms, real-time bidding exchanges, and targeting and retargeting software.

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Enhance Target Audience Segmentation

Apply a variety of filters for your audience to deliver a more targeted advertisement. Analyze the behavior of different segments and compare results. Spread successful use cases.


Maximize Profit from Traffic Distribution

Categorize your traffic to resell at higher rates. Configure more targeted settings to make your traffic segments more appealing to your customers.


Set up Custom Analytics

Analyze various parameters to attract more customers to your real-time bidding, supply- and demand-side platform, or media agency.


Make More Accurate Predictions

Tailor your own targeting and retargeting software to predict whether a user will click on a certain ad link. Customize links to match user needs.


Consolidation of Data from Various Sources

Data Merge for Ad Tech Companies

Merge as many data sources as possible to benefit from consolidated data. Integrate third-party platforms into your ad tech solution for multidimensional analysis. Enhance your supply- and demand-side platform with the help of Innovecs’ ad tech development services.

  • Integrations
  • Data processing
  • Highload
  • Data analysis
data analysis software development

Traffic Analysis and Segmentation

Segment your target audience by small groups to deliver them targeted content that perfectly fits their needs. Maximize profit from every single target group. Setup alerts to understand the performance of every segment. Focus on those that generate more revenue volume and enhance outsiders.

  • Traffic segmentation
  • Data analysis
  • Big data
  • Alerts

Speedy Data Processing

Speedy Data Processing - ad tech service

Maximize data processing from supply-side platforms. Collect multilateral information about separate identities. Take into consideration high load factors and distribute operational and historical data to guarantee high-speed processing. Build an effective real-time bidding platform.

  • Big data
  • Data processing
  • Data analysis
  • Real-time bidding


Coming Soon

Here, at Innovecs, we have a strong team of engineers working on ad tech and digital media solutions. Vast expertise in ad tech development allows Innovecs to start working on a new project immediately after we have agreed on collaboration details.

Our portfolio includes projects that process big data and make accurate predictions with the help of machine learning. Ad tech solutions tailored by Innovecs can manage traffic sources, match them, and segment them accordingly to help maximize profit from traffic distribution.


Ready to start your ad tech development project?

Innovecs will help you develop real-time bidding, supply-, and demand-side platforms, advertising solutions for publishers, ad and media agencies, and targeting and retargeting software. You can count on our ad tech development consulting services.

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Publishers Maximize Their Profit by Managing Traffic Effectively

For publishers who deliver affiliate marketing services, effective traffic management will maximize your revenue.

By consolidating multiple data sources, you can generate more traffic for further reselling.

By segmenting your traffic, you can offer more targeted groups of users to your customers. On one hand, this allows for more customers to be interested in your ads. On the other hand, with more segmentation parameters included, you can charge your customers more.

With the help of the ad analysis, publishers can match advertisements with the traffic, which will make an ad clickable and users happy with their search results.

Ad Tech Companies Benefit from Accurate Traffic Segmentation

Ad tech companies make money by purchasing raw traffic, segmenting it, and reselling already categorized lists of users. This means that custom ad tech solutions focused on the efficiency of segmentation with the help of big data and machine learning techniques will help such companies grow their profit.

Innovecs can help build ad tech software that enhances user and search categorization.

Since Innovecs is vastly experienced in ad tech development, our engineers can assist you in choosing resource-efficient and scalable architecture to meet your requirements.

Ad and Media Agencies Perform Better with Well-Designed Data Analysis

The functionality of ad and media agencies can vary significantly, from approaching a separate ad campaign to segmenting the traffic by themselves for further reselling.

The more tasks ad and media agencies are responsible for, the more thorough data analysis is required.

As an ad tech development company, Innovecs will help organize data streams into convenient dashboards, set up a predictive analysis, and implement artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our engineers will help tailor ad tech software to enhance the efficiency of any campaigns by better matching the target audience with an ad.