Supply Chain Software Development

Custom and Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

Customize your transportation management and logistics software solutions to create a system that collects and processes data from multiple sources. Enhance the global visibility of your deliveries with a functional tracking system. Find growth points more easily with better reporting and analytical tools.

Logistics Software Helps:


Establish the Tracking Process

Make the delivery process visible for all parties. Supply chain management software development is required to piece together all the specifications.


Integrate Fragmented Systems

Analyze data more efficiently by integrating fragmented solutions into one system. With the help of custom logistics software development, you can build a solution that captures multiple data sources.


Optimize Warehousing

Benefit from image recognition to automate your warehouses. Integrate AI-based predictions on top of big data into warehouse management system software to optimize stocking.


Disintermediate Shipping

Save time, cut costs, and ensure a transparent shipping process by disintermediating your delivery process with the help of blockchain and distributed ledgers.


Visibility of Deliveries at the Fragmented Market

Enhanced Tracking for Supply Chains

Allow authorized participants of the delivery process, from shipping and courier companies to drivers responsible for the last-mile delivery and end customers, to globally track their freight in real time. Outsource transportation software development services to connect multiple parties, utilize IoT devices, and integrate a variety of services and interfaces into one solution.

  • Internet of things
  • Status tracking
  • UI / UX services
  • Supply chain management software
data analysis software development

Efficient Management of Data Flows

Benefit from up-to-date dashboards that consolidate the data streams from various sources. Set reminders and alerts to be notified when anything arises. Enhance the number of simultaneous transactions that your logistics software solution can process. Make decisions powered by complete data.

  • Data visualization
  • Integration of third-party solutions
  • Customization
  • Alerts and reminders

Warehousing Optimization Based on Predictions

Warehousing Optimization Based on Predictions

Optimize your stocking by using predictions empowered by big data. Develop a better understanding of your customers to meet their demands and provide the required supplies on time. Benefit from real-time reports to understand the current status of any SKU at any terminal or warehouse. Trace origins, expiration dates, and other characteristics to meet customers’ expectations.

  • Big data and AI-based predictions
  • Warehouse management system software
  • Real-time reports
  • Internet of things


If you are looking for custom custom software for logistics services, Innovecs is the perfect option.

Our engineers are highly experienced, and we collaborate on projects of various difficulty. Innovecs is ready to partner with scaling startups that require custom logistical software development based on cutting-edge technologies, such as blockchain and machine learning. Or if you are an enterprise-grade company requiring integrated supply chain solutions, Innovecs is here to help, too.

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Looking for a logistics software development company?

Benefit from integrated supply chain and custom software for logistics by delegating their development to Innovecs. With our vast experience in scm software development, Innovecs can help with both consulting in the logistics domain and managing the development process.

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Vastly Experienced in Custom Logistical Software Development

Innovecs has collaborated with companies of different sizes in supply chain, warehouse, and transportation management system software development.

Innovecs builds applications that enhance the visibility of the supply chain and make data sharable and customizable in accordance with customers’ needs.

Other projects have involved revamping warehouse management system software to speed up transactions and data processing.

Innovecs also delivers transportation software development services. These tailored solutions execute full truckload transactions and included modules, such as analytics, mobile/ping tracking, quote management, partner chat, and more.

Fair Value Proposition for Transportation Management Solutions

Innovecs' prices fairly compared to similar outsourcing options and still offers massive cost benefits to clients in developed markets.

For the Discovery stage, Innovecs starts from understanding the goals and current processes at the client’s company. Then, we suggest several solutions to address issues in the most efficient, budget- and time-saving way.

For the Design stage, Innovecs creates a team of experts to build a logistics software in accordance with set requirements. We provide both professional engineers and infrastructure experts such as QA, DevOps, and UI / UX specialists.

For the Drive stage, we help find the growth points for further amendments.

Custom vs Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

The market is full of ready-made software that targets specific issues. When logistics companies grow, they require more custom solutions to meet their requirements. In this case, there are three available options.

First, use another off-the-shelf solution that’s more functional. However, this functionality is often limited.

Second, add the required functionality to the pre-tailored platform. That’s where Innovecs will assist you.

Last, build your own software from scratch in accordance with all the requirements. Innovecs will help to apply computer vision for classification and localization issues, implement the internet of things for better tracking, adopt blockchain for tracing needs, and much more.