Supply Chain

Enhance your Global Supply Network with Innovecs

Are you looking to increase visibility and control over your digital supply network? Do you need to improve performance, scalability, throughput, and change management while keeping up with customer expectations? Innovecs can help you meet these challenges and grow by implementing innovative technologies and leading-edge digital solutions.

The Value of a Digital Supply Network


Enhance Connectivity


Build a resilient and interconnected digital network of suppliers, vendors, and partners. Achieve synchronized business operations and improved connectivity across all supply chain components, processes, and parties including suppliers, manufacturers, carriers, logistics partners, and end customers.


Maximum Visibility


Mitigate risks, control costs, and improve customer service by monitoring throughput at any transaction point from first mile to last mile. Get a clear view of all activities and inventory and be prepared to respond to bottlenecks immediately.


Data-Driven Decisions


Manage big supply chain data with AI-powered analytics to make informed decisions. Structure and visualize data in a 3D digitized model for better conceptualization, team collaboration, and a more holistic approach to supply chain diagnostics. Turn your data into an asset: easily accessible, well-formatted, and scalable to meet your future growth plans.


Improve Customer Experiences


Keep your customers happy and loyal with end-to-end supply chain visibility. Meet customer expectations by providing on-time deliveries, real-time event notifications, and even promote the environment through sustainability programs.

Demand forecasting
Empower your people with the latest digital tools for demand forecasting. Track buyer trends through digital marketing analysis, perform seasonal inventory adjustments and plan for staffing and distribution. Quickly analyze large volumes of data with AI-powered analytics to predict spikes in demand, anticipate bottlenecks, and get notified of large orders about to hit your dock. Extract valuable performance metrics to improve customer service and retention rates.
Big data analytics for S&OP
Predictive and prescriptive analysis
AI-powered analytics
CRM integration & sales pipeline tracking
Demand forecasting tools & TMS/WMS integration
Complex machine learning algorithms
Supply Planning
Strike a balance between customer demand and manufacturing & production volumes by implementing leading-edge supply planning software. Plan your global supply network in connection with demand forecasting to build fool-proof strategies and achieve the highest levels of accuracy. Integrate AI, IoT, ML, and RPA into your cloud platform to turn your traditional supply chain into a powerful demand-driven network.
Real-time data analysis
CRM integration & sales pipeline tracking
Supply prediction tools & TMS/WMS integration
Production scheduling and budgeting
Compliance management
Inventory management
Achieve better accuracy by managing inventory across all your facilities, warehouses, stores, and distribution centers with the help of an Inventory Management System (IMS). We can help you monitor and manage every process of your supply chain including sourcing materials, manufacturing & production, sales transactions, and distribution. Control your inventory by making sure your supply & demand model is well-balanced and at the cost-effective point of equilibrium at all times.
Barcoding, QR coding, Android/iOS, RFID technology
Digitized inventory accounting (FIFO, LIFO, FILO)
AI & IoT (AIoT) powered technology to optimize throughput
Inventory alerts and notifications
Real-time inventory reports
Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
Build an integrated system for synchronized interactions and communications between your sales, operations, and financial departments. Encourage more intelligent decision-making, prioritize and align business initiatives, and continuously improve supply chain operations to grow revenues and profitability.
Enterprise resource planning solutions
Intelligent process automation
Functionality for planning and running multiple scenarios
Performance management and reporting tools

Supply chain and Logistics at Innovecs

United States Cold Storage
SMC3 Logistics and Supply Chain
Emerge TMS

Innovecs provides software development services to help companies automate business processes, improve efficiencies, accelerate throughput, minimize errors, and reduce costs.

We keep pace with the latest market trends, take part in global industry-specific events both as speakers and attendees, and never stop educating our specialists on how to deliver services with the highest levels of customer service. Our teams consist of experienced Solution Architects, Software Engineers, QA Testers, and DevOps Engineers who are supervised by agile and supportive Delivery Managers. We look forward to contributing to your success!

United States Cold Storage
SMC3 Logistics and Supply Chain
Emerge TMS

Are you looking for a trusted supply chain software development partner?

You came to the right place! Please tell us what your idea is, and we will get back to you with our suggested solution(s) asap.

Why is Working with Innovecs a Good Idea?

All experts under one roof

Focus on growing your business instead of spending time on IT talent acquisition. Partner with Innovecs to gain access to your choice of vetted experts all under one roof. Let us build the perfect team to take you to the next level and help ensure the successful deployment of new projects and products. We build balanced teams with the appropriate specialists to cover the specific needs of our clients. When we take responsibility for a full-cycle software development project, we provide specialists to engage in every stage of the process. This typically includes project managers, tech leads, architects, software engineers, DevOps engineers, and QA testers. If we only do a partial engagement, we hire “on-demand” to satisfy your immediate requirements.

Culture-friendly environment

Since 2012 we have been collaborating with companies around the globe – including the USA, UK, Scandinavia, Bulgaria, Israel, India, and even down under in Australia. We have mastered our cross-cultural communication skills and learned the endearing behaviors and communication preferences of our global clientele. Through our experience, we have developed the natural ability to find common ground with our international clients to ensure no request goes unanswered.

Reduced costs

Innovecs provides high-quality services in connection with cost-efficiency. Working with our staff means that you have access to experienced professionals while getting the most out of your software development budget. We take operational and administrative costs into consideration that are not typically factored into project or product pricing by our competitors. Our costs always include salary/rates, taxes, benefits, insurance, expenses, supplies, and office equipment.

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