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Benefit from IT Software Outsourcing Services

If you’d like to delegate the process of your product development to an IT software outsourcing company, Innovecs will become a great choice. Our expertise covers a variety of domains and technologies, with a proven track record across them. The majority of our engineers are of senior and middle levels.


IT Outsourcing Helps


Deliver Your Solution on Time and Budget

Benefit from software IT outsourcing when you need your product to be released within a limited time period and budget.


Add Missing Expertise to Your Team

Innovecs’ professionals are experienced in many domains and technologies that may challenge your engineers.


Enhance Your Vision with Quality Software Consulting

Software consulting can solve any concerns you may have regarding your future solution. Get rid of redundant actions, and minimize time and budget spent on software development.


Concentrate on Business Goals

Delegate development to a software outsourcing company and focus on the business needs of your solution.



Alex Malamud
Director, New Software Development of US Cold Storage

Innovecs is among the best outsourcing providers across the globe, with a strong team of professionals. We hire primarily engineers of senior and middle grades, to deliver superb-quality IT outsourcing services to our customers.

We have successfully delivered projects across various domains, from supply chain and logistics to fintech and gaming. Our broad vision allows extrapolating experience across one realm on tasks from other industries and technologies.

United States Cold Storage
SMC3 Logistics and Supply Chain
Enhanced Tracking for Supply Chains

Enhanced Tracking for Supply Chains

Ensure that your freights are visible along their path from point A to point Z regardless of the number of intermediate points and transportation means. Disintermediate the process to minimize costs associated with product delivery. Visualize your data and control real-time status updates. Read on about supply chain and logistics software development.

  • Internet of things
  • Status tracking
  • UI / UX services
  • Supply chain management

Data Merge for Ad Tech Companies

Benefit from the consolidation of multiple data sources to increase your traffic volume. Analyze your data and segment it to maximize your revenue streams. Integrate as many platforms and analytics provided by third-party tools as required. Read on about ad tech software development.

  • Integrations
  • Data processing
  • Highload
  • Data analysis
Data Merge for Ad Tech Companies
Data Management and Integrations in Healthcare

Data Management and Integrations in Healthcare

Ease up the data management process for your healthcare institutions. Use third-party data while still keeping it private. Make data and processes auditable to allow for their thorough analysis. Maximize the number of client visits by forecasting the required time more effectively. Read on about medical software development.

  • Integrated solutions
  • Shared knowledge base
  • Patient data ecosystem
  • Data security

Personal Approach to Every Customer in Ecommerce

Segment your customers to suggest products of their interests to them. Increase the conversion rate by offering targeted deals. Benefit from the usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning on top of big data. Seize the opportunity to outperform your competitors with customized offers. Read on about retail and ecommerce development.

  • Notifications
  • Personification
  • Identification
  • Anti-fraud solutions
Smart customer service in Ecommerce
game design outsourcing

Enhanced Game Design

Streamline your game flow by enhancing its design. Improve your gameplay loops to increase the retention rate of your users. Maximize your revenue streams by developing your business model with the help of Innovecs’ experienced professionals. Read on about game and entertainment software development.

  • Design Document
  • Gameplay loops
  • Balance sheets
  • Monetization

Overhaul of Outdated Financial Software

Revamp your financial solution with the help of an IT software outsourcing company. Integrate cutting-edge features into your outdated software to bring new life to your solution. Enhance the security of your solution with the help of new technologies. Read on about financial software development.

  • Data consolidation
  • System modernization
  • Enhanced security
  • Cash flow optimization
Overhaul of Outdated Financial Software

Ready to partner with an IT software outsourcing company?

Streamline your development process by collaborating with an IT software outsourcing company such as Innovecs. Delegate all the technical issues and concentrate on the business component instead.

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General overview


IT Outsourcing: Discovery Stage

Your collaboration with Innovecs starts with a Discovery stage when our engineers delve into details of your business processes and requirements. This stage is the same important for projects tailored from scratch, overhauls, and integrations because it involves a variety of nuances.

Why do we consider this stage crucial for successful product delivery?

First, it allows choosing a technology stack and architecture that fits your product needs. Second, it allows for reducing time spent on development because of fewer changes made during the development process. Last, it makes the project workflow more predictable.

IT Outsourcing: Design and Delivery Stages

On the Design stage, Innovecs’ engineers take care of on-time and on-budget development.

To remain flexible to ongoing requirement changes, all our teams use agile approach. This means that we plan 2-weeks iterations to share regular results of our work.

If required, apart from development, Innovecs provides consulting services. This is extremely helpful especially for teams missing some expertise. In this case, Innovecs’ consultants join the team and help both rocket your development process and make your product more efficient based on their advices.

When the Design stage is finished, the collaboration process flows into the next phase, Delivery, when ready-to-use product is released.

IT Outsourcing: Drive Stage

For companies with already released products, we suggest collaborating on boosting their key performance indicators with the help of revamped software.

After thorough analysis, Innovecs’ engineers can offer possible integrations that allow your software to become more functional and scalable. We can revamp your solution to meet set requirements. We can optimize your tool by configuring its separate elements.

By partnering with our IT software outsourcing company, you can get rid of problems connected with the development process and take care of your business indicators.

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