Digital transformation with Cloud Migration Program
Business Challenges

Organizations’ needs are evolving, and they have to constantly address the changing business and economic landscapes.

IT spending is more and more driven by the need to meet business requirements and business leaders asking IT to be focused on business results, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Instead of focus on keeping the lights on, IT organizations should provide a modern environment that enables agility and innovation.

The Cloud Migration program enables our customer to:

  • Reduce costs (of maintaining on-premise datacenters)
  • Reduce risks (modernized foundation and operations)
  • Improve agility (develop new capabilities using cloud services)
  • Reduce time to market (for new applications and services)
  • Hire talent (providing modern, innovative environment)
Solution Overview

The Cloud Migration Program is an end-to-end solution to migrate applications, data, and infrastructure, at scale from on-premise and third-party cloud providers to cloud.

This approach targets all types of workloads.

Migration Strategies applied:

  • Rapid Server Migration
  • Application Migration
  • Clean Deployment
  • Application Refactoring Service


  • Foundational infrastructure to support migration and ongoing operations
  • Identify and prioritize applications, data and infrastructure for migration or PaaS refactoring
  • Using end-to-end migration approach to migrate at scale
  • Project oversight, architecture and governance to help drive success
  • Highly structured Cloud Factory approach
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