Cloud Foundation Consulting
Business Challenges
  • Business/technology is changing at an extreme rate. CF helps customers keep up with those changes. To do that, CF assist with implementing:
  • Secure by Design, Enterprise-Ready Cloud
  • Use of Infrastructure-as-code principle, new disruptions with architectures and patterns from Cloud Factory Engineering teams
  • Updated approach, including DevOps practices less downtime
  • Policy Driven risk management
Solution Overview
  • Cloud Foundation service delivers an end-to-end, secure by design cloud design and platform 
 that meets clients needs while ensuring a balance between compliancy, governance, control, 
 agility, and flexibility at the same time.
  • Several workstreams and components will cover all aspects around infrastructure, management, 
 security and operations.
  • An agile approach enables our customers to evolve with the cloud and taking advantage of new 
 features and service. Cloud Consulting Services helps to avoid design decisions that reduce 
 flexibility of customer´s cloud platform.

Our Approach: DevOps and Infra-as-Code

  • Speed and increased efficiency: fast, reproducible deployments of infra and apps
  • Configuration Consistency: no manual changes, all changes traceable and controllable
  • Risk Mitigation and Costs: change control, less manual work, pay what you use
  • Innovation and Time-to-Market: faster innovation cycles, scale new products, lower change rate.
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