Business Intelligence Services

Benefit from Data Management Services

Incorporate business intelligence and data warehousing into your workflow to streamline and simplify your processes, and benefit from business analysis services. Delegate business intelligence application development to Innovecs to adapt its experience.

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Set up your dashboards in a way that makes data clear


Integrate multiple data sources into one stream


Stay up-to-date with real-time reports and alerts


Benchmark your results with competitors based on the set indicators


Balance between cloud and physical solutions, historical and operational data

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Business Intelligence Services: Convenient Dashboards

The bigger the company, the more detailed dashboards will be required for its efficient management. You must incorporate a variety of data streams into one or a few dashboards to detect inefficiencies as quickly as possible.

With the help of data management services from Innovecs, you can build a solution that features data analysis and identifies opportunities for maximizing your company’s income.

By delivering business analysis services, Innovecs will help tailor a benchmarking tool to compare your results with that of competing companies.

Innovecs’ engineers will also help build software with a dashboard to track your company’s performance.

Data Analysis Services

Business analysis services from Innovecs allow companies to boost their performance.

With the help of data analysis services, you can identify bottlenecks in your company and optimize its operations, accordingly. New ventures will become more predictable if the probability of their success is built on top of historical data analysis.

By outsourcing custom data analysis services to Innovecs, you can receive a solution that identifies market trends and analyzes customer behavior. If required, it will feature reporting, querying, and data visualization.

Business Intelligence Services: Data Warehousing

If you need to combine several data sources, especially across high load domains, data mining and data warehousing become priority questions. That’s where Innovecs can help.

Our engineers will address high load issues, effectively split data into historical and operational, and converge data streams by integrating modern business intelligence (BI) platforms. We will help streamline cloud data migration and advise on how to reduce associated costs.

By delegating BI application development to Innovecs, you can rest assured that our engineers will use appropriate data warehousing services at the optimum price.

Anastasia Osypova talks on the Employee Journey at Innovecs: from adaptation and motivation to professional development
Modern IT specialists are dynamic and active: they do not play the cards they’ve been dealt — they have goals, keep up with the progress, and are eager to learn new things and develop. This is why it is critical to understand their preferences and endeavors before providing a job offer to be able to motivate the employees in a long-term perspective and encourage productive collaboration. Anastasia Osypova, Head of People, Engagement & Culture at Innovecs, shares how our company motivates employees and helps newcomers adapt. Nastia, what are the responsibilities of the People, Engagement & Culture department at Innovecs? Our department focuses on the end-to-end Employee Journey in the company. Our goal is to retain talents at Innovecs and help them develop professionally. HR partners are always in contact with all employees which helps react quickly to the changes taking place in teams or processes. They also:integrate new employees in the corporate culture while minimizing the stress that can occur during the adaptation time act as change agents when it comes to implementing new processes or reorganizing the current ones help solve conflict situations determine potential areas of risks for business work closely with managers by building and implementing development and motivation programs in their teamsWhat makes Innovecs an ideal workplace? “Be sexy” was our 2020’ motto. We keep creating all opportunities possible to make the company an ideal place for our employees and potential candidates. For example, we regularly hold various workshops, training courses, and webinars on the basis of InnoCamp, our educational platform. We invite famous speakers as well as encourage Innovecs people to participate and share knowledge. WOW-program is another crowd-puller. It includes wow food, wow sport, wow mind, wow fun, and wow health directions. The goal is to care about the health and well-being of each and every at Innovecs. How do you maintain working relationships between employees and managers? This is a never-ending process. We do not have a multi-level hierarchy like the companies with a linear management model do, so communication at Innovecs is always transparent and unconstrained. It is important to synchronize the expectations of the team leaders and their team members. This is why we pay great attention to setting the right goals for employees as well as focus on the feedback culture. Managers hold regular stand-ups, daily meetings, retrospectives to analyze their work results, get feedback from colleagues and teammates. For employees to feel confident and at ease when communicating with managers, we are creating a favorable psychological climate within the teams. HR partners, in response, always keep their eyes on the ball, hold 1:1 meetings with managers and employees. In case they define any communication gaps, they create recommendations and the scenario to solve the problem. How does the company help employees to prevent burnout? According to the emotional burnout model by Matthias Burisch, one of its factors is over-performance (when a person gets engaged in the work more than necessary). To prevent the negative effect, the life-work balance principles must be followed. At Innovecs, we have a flexible working schedule as well as the possibility to work remotely from home. This allows our employees to spend more time with their families and do things they love. Soft skills development is another approach we have in place. This covers time management, communication, creativity, problem-solving, emotional intellect, etc. How do Innovecsers enjoy their life in the company? We have a gym in the office that operates 24/7. People can visit it anytime they want. We have fitness and box coaches, table tennis and football, gaming and VR rooms. All these help relax and refresh minds. SPA-zone with the best massage therapists is the cherry on top. Just make an appointment and relax at the end of the working day or in between the tasks.
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