Virtual Reality Software Development

Outsource Augmented & Virtual Reality App Development Service to Innovecs

Disrupt the market with applications that use virtual and/or augmented reality (AR). Make your solution more attractive to a customer. Adopt cutting-edge technologies to enhance the value of your proposition. Benefit from Innovecs’ experience in solving the first-time use problems (e.g. nausea). Create and design an experience that fits the real world.

Innovecs has considerable experience in designing and developing virtual/augmented reality solutions for various industries, including education, entertainment, and healthcare. We help companies transform casual things into advanced interactive solutions with high user engagement.


Build an entertaining virtual reality game with advanced interaction options


Optimize your virtual reality development software for mobile devices


Achieve a more immersive experience with augmented reality technology


Enrich your virtual/augmented reality solution with high-quality visual effects


Combine advantages of both virtual and augmented reality for your solution

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Smooth Movement to Prevent Nausea

The common hurdle of all VR solutions is nausea. Thus, it is critical to provide everyone putting on a VR headset for the first time with a smooth and natural experience.

When developing a virtual reality game, Innovecs’ engineers know how to prevent nausea and make the gameplay as smooth as possible.

First, the engineers thoroughly work out the logic of all in-game movements. Then, to make game scenes smoother, they minimize the number of sharp image patterns in the game and slow down camera movements. Additionally, it is possible to apply frame shading to decrease the user’s degree of peripheral vision, which also helps prevent VR nausea.

The Balance between the Visual Esthetics and Performance

Striking a balance between the visual esthetics and game performance is significant in virtual reality game development.

To achieve this balance, our engineers produce games that can run at 90 frames per second (FPS) when launched on a personal computer, and 60 FPS when launched on mobile devices. Such a requirement has to be met to make VR game navigation flawless and visually appealing. When lower rates are applied, the performance suffers while the camera constantly jumps, which spoils the gameplay.

Innovecs’ engineers stick to the technical standards required for the production of high-quality VR solutions.

The Experience to Bring to Multiple Industries

Virtual reality development software can be applied in a majority of industries. Innovecs builds VR / AR products for education, healthcare, entertainment, and other industries.

In education, Innovecs’ engineers can create VR / AR applications that aim to simplify how complex concepts are described. New-tech visualization helps explain the material in a more accessible, practical, and interactive manner.

In healthcare, VR / AR can be applied for body mapping, medical data visualization, advanced diagnostics, surgery training, and elsewhere.

VR and AR open great opportunities for the entertainment industry by making games interactive and providing an immersive experience to players.

Ready to start your project?

Outsource virtual reality software development to Innovecs. Come to us with your idea, and we will do our best to transform it into reality, either virtual or augmented. Let’s discuss your requirements and plan our collaboration.



AR Doesn’t Limit Movements

As compared to virtual reality software development, augmented reality solutions enable unlimited frictionless movement capabilities. While the AR technology includes digital artifacts overlaid on the real-world environment, the user’s movements are not limited to a specific virtual scene.

Innovecs’ engineers are versed in developing AR solutions that erase boundaries between the physical and virtual world. They know how to overcome the challenge of designing complex interactive AR interfaces to impart an appealing and positive impression on users and provide an exclusive frictionless experience.

AR Adds New Opportunities to the Old Solutions

Augmented reality technology, as well as virtual reality development software, breathes a new life into ordinary solutions. Come to Innovecs with your ready-made software, and our engineers will enrich it with augmented reality technology to help you disrupt the contemporary market.

By implementing augmented reality, you have a chance not only to improve interaction with your customers and increase their engagement but also leap ahead of your competitors.

Strengthen your product with augmented / virtual reality development software to make it more attractive for users.

AR Enables Mixed Reality

Innovecs provides mixed reality (MR) software services by combining augmented and virtual reality app development tools.

MR applications developed by Innovecs’ engineers are a prime example of an ideal blend of artistic and technological excellence.

Our engineers are experts in developing applications that help users experience the impossible. For example, business owners have to travel a lot to attend meetings in their offices all around the world which is expensive and time-consuming.

MR helps these people travel to another place without leaving their office and participate in the meeting as if they are in the same room with others.

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Flexible Partnership Opportunities
When outsourcing augmented / virtual reality software development to Innovecs, feel free to choose from three possible cooperation models that best suit your needs.

If you have a team of software developers, designers, and QA engineers, but doubt which technologies and tools to use, Innovecs can serve as a consultant. We will discuss your ideas and help you determine the most suitable technology stack.

Innovecs can also take on the responsibility for the full cycle augmented / virtual reality software development: from the idea to release and maintenance.

The last option is outstaffing the Innovecs’ specialists to facilitate your project.

Access to Technology-Focused Specialists
Partnering with Innovecs means that only highly professional people will work on your project. All our software engineers have at least five years of relevant experience needed for effectively facilitating augmented / virtual reality app development.

We have a rich portfolio of successfully completed projects displaying the level of expertise and skill set of our specialists.

If there is a need to scale the team, our recruiters spend much time and effort selecting the right people with the right skillset. Only after the client approves the candidates can they join the team.

High Quality of the Product
Innovecs is a software development company oriented toward creating high-quality products. The full-cycle development process always includes the phase of quality assurance and testing, which means you will get an error-free product that functions according to pre-established requirements.

Innovecs’ eagle-eyed QA engineers combine manual and automation testing to detect all possible bugs and inconsistencies in your VR / AR solution before transferring it to production. Apart from carrying out common functional testing, our engineers focus on the visual consistency making sure all VR / AR product objects behave correctly.

As a result, our customers receive solutions that work flawlessly.

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