Application Innovation in cloud
Business Challenges

Today’s organizations need to be more agile to respond to the changing business needs for growth and innovation. Our customers are increasingly seeking to modernize their applications to be as competitive to meet their customer and employee demands.

The Application Innovation offering enables our customers to –

  • Modernize their business by addressing legacy apps
  • Build Technical Foundation on which to innovate
  • Establish workload management (intakes, backlog, priorities)
  • Optimize, refactor or rebuild applications for cloud PaaS
  • Enable business innovation
Solution Overview

The Application Innovation offering is an application modernization approach for customers who want to rearchitect or rebuild a strategic legacy application using cloud PaaS services.

This offering leverages a building-block capacity approach that allows the customer to get started immediately. This approach provides enough work capacity to help the customer’s development team get started by leveraging Innovecs cloud solution consultants expertise to create a full production-grade solution.

Innovecs cloud architects infuse modern agile practices and design methodologies into the customer’s modernization strategy to deliver value.

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