Cloud Transformation Consulting
Business Challenges
  • The recent global collapse events have exposed many organizations’ need for digital transformation to innovate. Challenges include both a 
 growing need to deliver a remote working experience for employees to maintain productivity and sudden market shifts in demand and changes in 
 the expectations of customers during the pandemic. Cloud Transformation Consulting Services enables our customer to:
  • Reduce costs (of maintaining on-premise datacenters)
  • Reduce risks (modernized and secure foundation and operations)
  • Improve agility (develop new capabilities using cloud services)
  • Reduce time to market (for new applications and services)
  • Attract top talent (providing modern, innovative environment) Every organization will be competing for key talents looking to work on cutting edge technologies in a digitally 
 ready environment that ensures young talent growth
Value of Cloud Consulting Services
  • Cloud Transformation Consulting Service is a white glove service to rapidly migrate applications, 
 data, and infrastructure, at scale from on-premises and 3rd cloud providers to cloud.
  • This services leverages program governance models, tooling, automation and factory models 
 developed across various of global migrations combined with the latest recommended practices 
 from Azure, AWS engineering teams.
  • Consulting service addresses customer business and technical needs in a holistic manner and 
 realize immediate business objectives (OKR-based).

Our approach includes:

  • Migration Services
  • Refactoring Service
  • Transformation Services
  • Data Modernization Services
  • Security
  • Cloud Operations
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