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Embedded Automotive Software


Innovecs supported one of the greatest embedded hardware manufacturers; one of the company’s main directions is the automotive onboard computers.


The Tizen IVI project provides a Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) OS development platform for IVI embedded computing systems. Leveraging the Tizen code base for mobile computers and handsets and extending its functionality into Vehicles operating system, the Tizen IVI solution enables modern portable applications to provide rich Internet and multimedia experiences to consumers.

Innovecs Contribution

Based on the Tizen IVI November release, Innovecs team developed from the ground-up all user-space products required by the client: User Interface, Face Recognition (to authorize users), Voice Controller (drive the platform using voice commands), Online Calendar (synchronization with Google calendar), Device Detection (automatic recognition of newly added devices).

Product Interface Image 1



Tizen IVI, Perl, Qt platform, HTML5/CSS3/Javascript.

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