End-to-End Supply Chain Management

A Unified System for the Supply Chain Lifecycle

Manage all stages of the supply chain lifecycle, including planning, sourcing, production, inventory and warehouse management, and transportation via a single multifunctional platform. Increase traceability of all SC processes to enhance control over the operations.

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All-in-One Supply Chain Platform Helps:


Avoid inventory inconsistencies


Maintain an accurate inventory count and eliminate human errors during physical goods counting by supplementing your SCM with software solutions for barcode labeling and RFID.


Optimize picking processes


Make your in-house goods picking process fast and efficient by integrating a Warehouse Management System with the features of building optimized picking routes across the premise.


Efficiently fill orders


Monitor truck movements in real-time and get all necessary information via the custom Yard Management System to be able to fill orders and deliver on time efficiently.


Improve shipment tracking


Control the entire transportation flow — from the dock where the goods are loaded to their destination — through an integrated Transportation Management System.

Multifunctional Supply Chain Management Platform
Build an all-in-one supply chain management platform that suits all your specific requirements. Integrate full-featured systems for warehouse and transportation management to optimize flows of the goods within the warehouse and track their delivery to the endpoint. Consider implementing an efficient labor management system for warehouse operators’ task management to boost their performance, increase work visibility, and generate reports in the end. Enrich your platform with additional features that can help improve the entire supply chain process and grow your business revenue.
Warehouse management system
Transportation management system
Labor management system
Custom feature development


United States Cold Storage
SMC3 Logistics and Supply Chain
Emerge TMS
10-4 Systems

If you are looking for custom software for logistics services, Innovecs is the perfect option.

Our engineers are highly experienced, and we collaborate on projects of various difficulty. Innovecs is ready to partner with scaling startups that require custom logistical software development based on cutting-edge technologies, such as blockchain and machine learning. Or if you are an enterprise-grade company requiring integrated supply chain solutions, Innovecs is here to help, too.

United States Cold Storage
SMC3 Logistics and Supply Chain
Emerge TMS
10-4 Systems
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