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Benefit from Game Development Outsourcing

Create your game on time and budget without sacrificing any quality. Improve your game design to increase engagement rates and lifetime value. Ensure cost-efficient game porting. Extend your team when lacking workforce and expertise. Benefit from game development consulting.

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Create a Game from Scratch

Even if you’re without a team, you can realize your idea to design an innovative game. Innovecs will help with game consulting and development.


Scale Your Team to Publish Your Game Faster

Do you have deadlines to meet but with a limited workforce? By outsourcing game development to Innovecs, you can seamlessly team up your core developers with our engineers.


Succeed with Game Porting to New Platforms

If you have already succeeded with your game in one market or platform, Innovecs will help to convert it to run on different platforms.


Compliment Lacking Expertise

If your team is in a need of experts in 2D, 3D animation, visual effects (VFX), design, or even full-scale mobile game development, delegate these tasks to Innovecs.



game development outsourcing

Make your game more entertaining by outsourcing game design to Innovecs. Design your next hit with the help Innovecs’ professionals. Improve the design of already launched games with trendy solutions. Innovate by introducing new features focused on retention and monetization.

  • Design Document
  • Gameplay loops
  • Balance sheets
  • Monetization
game outsourcing


Depending on the game’s aesthetics, various animations will compliment your vision. Increase the realism or enhance your stylized visuals with engaging and high-quality animations. Find the best balance between great performance and immersive graphical fidelity to improve user experience.

  • Visual fidelity
  • Immersiveness
  • Visual aesthetics
  • 2D and 3D animation


visual effects outsourcing

Bring your game to new audiences by expanding to new platforms. Increase your players by offering them a solution in addition to Android, iOS, Windows PC, or hybrid platforms. Entrust game porting to our game development company and concentrate your attention on key performance indicators instead.

  • Android game development
  • iOS game development
  • Windows PC game development
  • Facebook game development


Tomer Ozeri
QA and Tech-Ops Director, NeoGames

Innovecs is an experienced game development company that worked with large-scale game publishers. Our engineers teamed up with in-house developers to augment their teams and collaborated with companies who needed to develop a game from scratch.

Innovecs can take responsibility for any stage of the game development as well as for the complete development process.

It caused inconvenience and performance speed decrease. Moving from JSP to Single Page Application happened to be an optimal solution.

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Looking for game development outsourcing?

Partner with Innovecs, a game development company, that is experienced in the creation of both casual games and slots. We will help with design, coding, animation, and porting.

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general overview


Game Design to Marry Programming, Graphic Design, and Creative Writing

Innovecs starts its collaboration with game publishers with a Discovery stage in which our team estimates the publishers’ goals and the most effective ways for their achievement.

Then, the Innovecs’ team balances between requirements and potential to deliver an elaborate and detailed game design document that will engage players and increase their lifetime value.

Innovecs’ programming engineers team up with storyline developers and system designers to design game rules that meet all requirements.

Game design improvement is an iterative process that never stops. Our game designers perform playtests while developing a game and play the design by ear.

Prototyping and Art Guidelines to Avoid Future Overhauls

Onсe the game design is approved, Innovecs’ team moves to the next phase of the Discovery stage, prototyping. This necessary step prevents extra expenses until your game is playable and approved.

Prototyping covers core game mechanics development, early graphics tests, and playtesting. During the prototyping phase, Innovecs’ artists develop art guidelines so that the product has a consistent art style.

UI/UX designers are working closely with game designers to find the best possible user flow for the product.

Architecture and Planning

Innovecs focuses on the requirements when building the game architecture. Primarily, our engineers bet on the possibilities for development speed and scaling. Our architecture minimizes development costs during the release stage, and it will be easily scalable on request.

The last phase of the Discovery stage is planning. On this stage, we deliver a game development workflow that takes into consideration any current limits. Inexperienced companies are risking the failure of fulfilling the project on time and budget when planning their game development.