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Are you looking to reduce costs? Do you want to empower your company with leading-edge logistics software solutions and technologies? Is your mission to enhance customer service and make deliveries faster and more secure than your competitors? You are on the right page — Innovecs can help you accomplish these goals and more.

Logistics solutions development

Add Value by Customizing your Logistics Tech Stack


Top security


Compromising your financial, operational, and customer data are inherent risks of not taking the necessary security precautions. Eliminate these risks with the right team and technologies.

Put security first. Protect sensitive customer data and all your internal assets with enhanced security options. Move to the cloud to keep your documents safe from natural disasters and fight cyberattacks effectively.


High productivity


Digital workflow automation in logistics and transportation makes a significant impact on your business

Automate business processes to reduce manual work at warehouses and perform faster inventory management and deliveries. Become more productive than before with logistics software tailored for your specific needs.


Better accuracy


99.6% is the average inventory accuracy for warehouses. 0.4% is because of human error. Develop logistics software — reach 100% accuracy.

With the help of logistics tracking software you can count inventory more precisely, predict delays during delivery, and be better prepared to solve emergencies fast. Make sure packages or pallets arrive on time, in the proper quantity, and without damages.


Cost reduction


Significant cost reductions can be achieved through logistics process automation. Work with our talented teams of software engineers and architects to help optimize your IT budget.

Cut transportation costs by minimizing human errors, centralizing procurement operations, tracking deliveries in real time, automating warehouse and inventory management.

Freight management software
Benefit from building an “all-in-one" Freight Management software platform. Increase your operational efficiency by covering all stages — from procurement, warehousing, and inventory control to streamlined collaboration with forwarders, carriers, brokers, and suppliers. Procure fast, ship safe, and increase revenues.
Optimize load and route planning
Track freight movements in real time
Manage transportation documents
Collect data and gain valuable insights
logistics software solutions
Shipping software for carriers
Plan your shipment routes and modes strategically. Automate your shipment processes by building a customized Transportation Management System (TMS). Integrate your digital tools such as market rates, accounting systems, route maps, load boards, and more in a single logistics software solution for easy and fast access and management.
Comply with local, national, and global regulations
Create invoices in just a few clicks
Automate reporting, analytics, and statistical data
Track loads across the city, across the country, or around the globe
Brokerage  Software for 3PL Providers
Manage your complex Third-Party Logistics operations and make your brokers happy by developing and integrating a unified logistics platform. We can help you manage carriers, track orders, price loads, and meet compliance regulations.
Automate brokerage operations
Manage loads, pricing, and compliance with accuracy
Generate orders automatically
Schedule automatic bill payments


United States Cold Storage
SMC3 Logistics and Supply Chain
Emerge TMS

Since 2021 we have been providing our services to companies around the globe and developing customized logistics software to help our clients significantly improve their business processes, satisfy customers, and boost revenues.

Innovecs is a software development company that provides leading-edge technology and the latest industry applications to our supply chain and logistics clients. Our teams of professional Software Engineers, Tech Architects, QA and DevOps Engineers, and Delivery Managers have mastered their crafts and skill sets and are ready to contribute to your success!

United States Cold Storage
SMC3 Logistics and Supply Chain
Emerge TMS

Are you looking for a trusted logistics software development partner?

You are in the right place! Please, tell us what your idea is, and we will get back to you with a solution.

Why is Working with Innovecs a Good Idea?

Balanced teams

We build well-balanced teams where everyone shares the same common goals and sees the big picture. Our teams create synergies by focusing on technological innovations. Their main objective is to create long-term business value for our clients.

How do we build such balanced teams? First, we evaluate your logistics project based on an objective assessment of your specific requirements. Then we define the composition of our future team. Depending on the project type — whether it is a full-cycle development, partial engagement into a project, or just a consultation — we provide you with the necessary number of software specialists. To reduce your costs, as a first stage, we build a basic team and then add more people on demand step-by-step.

Cultural fit

We understand that excellent skills and experience do not suffice for successful collaboration. Matching people from different cultures who have different approaches and respond differently to feedback can be a challenge.

We have worked with logistics clients and their engineering teams from all over the world. We know the specifics of companies from the USA, UK, the Middle East, Scandinavian countries, India, Bulgaria, and even down under in Australia. We are flexible in our approach and adapt quickly to the way our clients do business. Seamlessly coordinating with our international clients and ensuring a cultural fit is what makes us a perfect partner.

Quality delivery

The ultimate goal of our software development teams is not limited to providing the best logistics software development services. We go far beyond simply developing logistics solutions — we deliver our services through the lens of innovation, inspiration, and care.

We strive to promote technological innovations that make your company more competitive and your brand more recognizable. We never stop inspiring our teams to boost productivity and achieve increasingly excellent results. We care about our customers and helping them choose the best development approaches and implementing best practices. All of this is combined with the supervision of our expert Delivery Managers to bridge the gap between clients and teams — allowing for superior delivery of technology services.

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