E-book: Supply Chain Trends + Machine Learning: A Match Made in Heaven

#Machine Learning
February 2, 2018 1 min read

Machine learning (ML) is called a new logistic trend for a reason. It has a wide range of capacities to address major supply chain issues. The technology is able to revive inefficient data handling methods used by supply chain management systems and reduce business costs. ML can automate processes that used to require a lot of analytical work, making the technology a perfect match for predictive analytics.

Supply Chain Trends + Machine Learning

The latest industry reports indicate that implementing an ML-powered supply chain management system has reached $13.63 billion in 2017. The industry tends to earn one billion dollars in revenues for the last 7 years. This e-book aims to reveal a number of essential insights into the real prospects of the Machine Learning utilization in software development.

What you will find inside:

  1. Supply chain in essence. The main supply chain operation principles and logistics trends.
  2. Machine learning capabilities. Machine learning software development trends, prospects, and peculiarities. Which type of the ML algorithm can better meet your business needs.
  3. Machine learning benefits for supply chain management. The way machine learning can improve supply and demand forecasting, stats on new product launch successes, market overview, and much more.
  4. Reasons to improve your supply chain business. A bunch of helpful recommendations on the development of powerful supply chain strategies and market positioning.
  5. Is machine learning a cure-all for supply chain optimization? Get the clue by reading the e-book up to the end.

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