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April 21, 2021
“Be SMART. SMART is cool!” — Igor Bekh, Head of Education (InnoCamp) at Innovecs
The 21st century is the era of SMART things. First, SMART things allow you to unload life and automate a human being’s daily routine responsibilities. For example, it could be an alarm clock that synchronizes information with an intelligent mattress and turns on the alarm after the next phase of the user’s sleep. A car that warms up the engine before the owner leaves the apartment. Or an intelligent refrigerator that compiles a shopping list based on the smartphone user’s diet. But all these SMART technologies have SMART people behind them. We asked Igor Bekh, Head of Education (InnoCamp), who SMART people are and what the SMART approach is in the company and teams’ work.   What qualities does a SMART person possess? SMART people are not just smart — they combine a broad outlook with deep expertise at once, for example, in a specific technology. They are self-disciplined, creative, innovative, and always ask the questions “Why?”, “What for?”, “For what purpose?” to solve this or that problem. Being SMART means thinking differently. True intellectuals question the status quo, old concepts, and methods. Their ideas are unusual and unconventional. It is intelligence that helps them solve non-standard problems. There is a correlation between intelligence and creativity, allowing SMART people to find simple answers to complex questions. What is the SMART approach in the work of the company and teams? The SMART approach is a commonly known approach that allows us to formulate precise, achievable, and realistic goals, limited in time, and at the same time produce outstanding results. SMART philosophy in goal setting is clarity and accuracy of the task, a basis for discussion and cooperation between teams, and a powerful motivational tool. What problems do SMART people face? SMART people are often called “nerds”, “geeks”, but in fact, you should not shy away from the reality of being Smart. In a broad sense, a SMART person is very passionate about something. Being enthusiastic does not allow giving up the work half done or becoming discouraged and moving forward every day. SMART people combine creativity and sharpness of mind. They are artistic and generate cool ideas. Why is it cool to be SMART? A SMART person spends less time looking for a solution. Therefore, one will be able to spend more time with family and friends. On the other hand, one quickly deals with household arrangements or personal issues. SMART people are open to new ideas and opportunities. They are ready to accept and consider other viewpoints and look for alternative solutions to the problem. People with high intelligence are less likely to believe stereotypes and prejudices. They do not take things at face value and wait for sufficient evidence or look for it independently. Be SMART; SMART is cool! Is a high IQ a sign of being SMART? Obviously, IQ determines the level of intellectual development, but SMART people are far beyond being simply clever. When you are SMART, you are flexible and can adapt well to different conditions. You demonstrate effective behavioral strategies, regardless of difficulties and limitations.