From WEF volunteer to IT manager: Darka Garnik, digital marketing manager at Innovecs

January 25, 2021 2 min read

According to the Moving beyond remote: Workplace transformation in the wake of Covid-19 study by Slack, 72% of respondents prefer the option to work from home even after a pandemic. A hybrid model — the choice to work from home or office — is our new reality. However, there are people at Innovecs who worked remotely before it became a must. Darka Garnik, Digital Marketing Manager, will talk about her journey to Innovecs from the sunny state of Florida.

Darka, what does Digital Marketing Manager do at Innovecs?

Digital Marketing is above all analytics. Therefore, this is the foundation of my work. Through data analysis, I monitor the achievement of advertising strategic goals. In the event of any deviations in the process of implementing a particular marketing campaign, you need to immediately adjust its progress. It is imperative to respond quickly to such deviations in order for the campaign to be effective.

Besides, the accumulation and analysis of data on internet users and their behavior allow you to more accurately identify the target audience. Additionally, as their number continues to grow, so does the amount of data that still needs to be analyzed.

How has volunteering helped you find a job?

There is a problem in the labor market: to get a job, you need experience, and to gain experience, you need work. I addressed this issue through volunteering, and this was my first entry in the resume. The volunteer work is not only helpful to others but also gains experience in each project. I have volunteered at various forums and festivals many of which have dealt with SMM.

Volunteering at the World Economic Forum in Davos was decisive for me. Working on such a large-scale project takes you to a completely different level: you see with your own eyes how the marketing strategy of an international forum is built, join its development, collect information, analyze data and communicate a lot. Each of my volunteering is a step up to the next development stage, this became the foundation for my current role at Innovecs.

Why IT?

Currently, I have degrees in philosophy, politics, and economics. So while studying liberal arts, I was looking for specificity. Choosing IT for me is a hit: not a single hair is out of place, there are clear logic and connections.

What does your work at Innovecs look like?

IT has no boundaries, which allows our specialists to work on a global scale while living in Ukraine. In my case, the circumstances are such that I work at Innovecs not from an office in Kyiv, but in the sunny state of Florida, USA.

When I started looking for a job, I did not expect to be 7 time zones away from my colleagues. But after receiving an offer from Innovecs, I was so gripped by the values, corporate culture, and got closer to the team — I couldn’t refuse. Fortunately, our feelings were mutual, so I moved to the United States without any trouble and have been working there since September this year.

The company has every opportunity to work remotely with full efficiency, keep in touch with the team, and feel part of the whole. Before coming to Innovecs, I learned about the company’s values ​​- Innovate, Inspire, Care – and now I feel them from my own experience.