Meet Innovecs at Internet Retailing Expo 2019 at NEC, Birmingham

April 1, 2019 1 min read

The next Internet Retailing Expo (IRX) is just around the corner. This year, it will be held on April 3-4, 2019 inviting all the retailers and suppliers to come to NEC, a Birmingham venue.

IRX is expected to bring together 5,000+ attendees, 150+ exhibitors, and 100+ speakers coming from across the UK and other European countries.

Innovecs Attends Internet Retailing Expo 2019

The expo will excite and ignite all the industry experts by introducing the latest technological advancements that can drive more online and in-store sales. Marketing automation, AI-driven predictive analytics, voice search, AR-powered solutions, and cryptocurrencies will be given the most emphasis. Speakers will focus on how one can quickly capitalize on the technological innovations and build workable strategies.

The conference will also embrace a plethora of workshops and sessions on growing customer loyalty and retention, managing same-day deliveries, implementing an omnichannel approach, expanding B2B and B2C operations, and more.

What will each participant take away? Lessons learnt,  over 100 hours of useful content, new valuable contacts, and multiple ecommerce solutions exhibited.

Vishal Mathur, Chief Business Officer at Innovecs, attends the event to network and open up about Innovecs’s e-commerce software development capacities. Should you be around, make sure to appoint a meeting.

Appoint a meeting with Innovecs’ representative right away:

Vishal Mathur

Chief Business Officer at Innovecs

September 9, 2020
Innovecs Recognized Among Top-quality Software Development Companies in 2020
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