Yard Management System: Powerful Features Enabled By Innovative Technologies

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June 16, 2021 7 min read

In accordance with the 2020 State Yard Management Report, a modern software-based yard management system (YMS) is able to grant the possibility of saving $0.21 per mile for the carrier and generate about the same volume of annual revenue. That is quite a reason to decide on launching tech solutions for this stage of the supply chain.

Supplychain247.com shares outstanding statistics that 30% of the companies have no vivid vision of their fees concerning fleet management and 58% of them do not believe custom software is able to boost the delivery capabilities which is the vector to obtain higher revenues. That is the reason we decided to highlight the possibilities of yard management system technologies in the integrated supply chain tuning here in our blog.

What is YMS And Why Businesses Need It

Forbes mentions that proper yard, and especially fleet, management is a “golden standard” of any modern big or middle-sized company in order to stay competitive. They name the following key concerns identified by the top managers, which are driven by software YMS solutions:

  • drivers’ safety – 21%;
  • fuel efficiency – 19%;
  • local regulatory rules compliance – 18%;
  • on-time data management – 18%;
  • real-time supply chain visibility of the yard activities – 18%.

As it is mentioned in the Aberdeen business study (“Safety, Operational Excellence and the Changing Expectations of Service Fleet”) there’s good news: yard management solutions are developed easily by a number of IT companies as Innovecs to address the above-mentioned issues and make your fleet and transportation activities cost-effective. It’s just enough to learn more about your business needs and outline the benefits you’re willing to gain via custom solutions implementation.

Yard management system

Everything that is happening in your company yard is a subject of optimization and management for better revenues: from the scheduling process and gate operations to the dock and fleet monitoring and auditing. Let’s dive deeper into what can be expected after a proper YMS launch.

Smooth Fleet Management As A Way To Cut The Costs

Mastering your fleet is the baseline to monitor your trucks, be aware of depreciation level and utilize AI-solutions for the best of your fleet’s long-lasting activity without repair and overspent fuel consumption.

Fleet telematics as a tool for trucks management and control provides you a clear vision of:

  • whether trucks are moving, idling, or parked;
  • actual and forecast arrival time;
  • how to move from maintenance to preventive monitoring.

The key issue of the YMS solution concerning fleet management is to monitor driver’s performance to predict service time, route, traffic, and appointed cancellations. That will lead to a higher level of customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, and more profit for your business.

DHL stresses Telematics as a crucial point as technology to pick, arrange and utilize data gathered from the vehicles for more efficient use of the whole fleet.

Once you are still not ready to outsource the development of a custom fleet management software with telematics features, it’s possible to try just special fleet monitoring devices on Amazon to make sure it’s not only the benefit of the fleet auditing but vehicle safety as well.

Fleet Safety Monitoring

Modern AI-empowered sensors can go even further in meeting your business needs. To reduce the costs of truck usage, it’s worth monitoring driving style and speed restrictions to improve “behind-the-wheel” behavior to reduce the fleet management risks (road accidents, car idle time, vehicle breaks on delivery).

In July 2020, Reuters reported Amazon to launch a new fleet of heavier “boxier” trucks as UPS uses to perform better within the concept of “two-day delivery” for the customers subscribed to their $119 annual shipping service. And at the same time, they consider safety to be the key factor of in-time high-quality delivery provision.

Modern IT solutions such as telematics platforms, truck management software, sensor devices to pick fleet data contribute to safety in terms of preventing distracted driving via streamlined communication with the drivers (e.g. assists in spotting mobile device usage or eating while driving to prevent accidents). Also, geofences-based tools can be used as an additional preventive measure to stop vehicles moving without authorization.

Boosted Fleet Performance

Knowing the status of your drivers in real time and spotting any distracted or not legitimate vehicle activity lead you to the boosted fleet performance as a profitable outcome.

FedEx reports on the company website they boosted by 30% fleet performance in 2020 due to “22% of fuel efficiency”, “better management of 482 vehicles data gathered”, and implementation of ETD (electronic trade documents) system for better yard monitoring.

By tracking both drivers and fleet you reduce the costs, enhance end-user satisfaction and loyalty as well as scale your business smoothly because once you developed automated YMS for one part of the business, it will operate at the same level for the next launched business parts.

Streamlined Yard Operation

Smartrak calculated that every vehicle spends 25% of operating time idling on average and it sounds really terrific. That is why it’s important to streamline the whole conglomerate of the yard activities under a clear vision of an overall picture of separate operations and their interconnections.

Fundamental Relation In Yard Operation

To address yard operations streamlining, you should remember any activities compliance with your business demands is a major concern. While choosing the most suitable YMS solution, it’s worth mapping all the parts of the business activities:

  • ELDs operations (electronic devices logging necessities: parking time, idling time, driver’s distraction or being out of geofence);
  • fuel consumption (delivery, fuel tax payments, consumption);
  • inspections, regulatory auditing, fleet risks management, scheduled preventive monitoring.

It’s obvious that managing separate stages of the yard activities will not grant you profitable outcomes. You can have a fuel sensors system or drivers’ idle hours data management, but if they are not united in the unified smoothly operating streamlined YMS system, it will not do its best for the business. We propose to learn more about what a really good YMS solution is.

What Comprises An Efficient Yard Management Solution

A really efficient yard management system should cover all the yard components and their operation.

YMS components

While developing custom YMS, four vectors of yard management improvement should be considered:

  • planning and tracking;
  • yard inventory management and auditing;
  • real-time quick access to any information;
  • security and loss prevention.

Turn complexity into opportunity – that is a slogan on the Kourber website to describe proper yard management implementation for arranging an efficient digital supply chain.

In 2020 Gartner named Kourber a WMS leader, that is the reason we propose to follow the basics this company declares to be aware of the features really critical for modern productive yard management.

Really good YMS solution should provide:

  • visibility (from a user-friendly interface to easily distracted necessary information);
  • quick response;
  • minimizing operational assets (people, trucks, containers, pallets);
  • improved sustainability (optimizing fuel consumption or route planning);
  • well-managed driver turnaround time;
  • advantage of data exchange between all the existing WMS, TMS systems involved in business processes;
  • considering pandemic social distances.

Gartner Report states YMS solutions were mainly demanded in 2020 for supply chain gaps closure such as “long fleet wait times, unproductive and idle staff members, ineffective dock planning”.

In the described insights of the demand is the very answer for the question of what the YMS is needed for.

And to develop a product to perform as it was described above, you can contact us to learn more about tech possibilities for your business better revenue.

Bottom Line: How Yard Management System Contributes To Your Business Growth And Wealth

To recap, it’s worth emphasizing that yard management is wider than just fleet ruling or docks optimization, it’s an overall software-based solution to comprise the whole yard data, process it, make it easily accessible and ready to be used for making yard operation decisions.

Once you gain proper yard telematics as well as yard operations management system your business will reach:

  • cost reduction;
  • drivers’ behavior risks decrease;
  • end-user boosted loyalty;
  • faster ROI because you can scale once developed YMS software for the business growing parts;
  • streamlined and unified cooperation and communication between all the parts of WMS in your company.

2021 proposes a wide range of YMS solutions but every time choosing the product for you consider the specific needs of the business.

FedEx in its sustainability report mentions an overall profile of the modern YMS system noticing it should “propose multiplying opportunities” as well as connect the parts of your yard “responsively and resourcefully”.

You can treat the words of the quote in your personal manner, but the only thing is obvious: YMS proper solutions keep your fleet and transportation activities doing what they need to do – generate the profit of your business being effective.