Digital Summit in Boston: Key Topics and Digital Trends to Be Covered

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October 16, 2019 2 min read

What: Digital Summit
When: October 21-22, 2019
Where: Boston, MA at The Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel
Organized by: TechMedia

Digital marketing has become an integral part of any business operations since it helps companies to be recognized in the online world. It is a powerful tool for developing brand awareness and reaching the right audiences.

To get useful insights into digital marketing, many events are organized around the globe annually with the aim to bring together the best marketing minds under one roof.

Digital Summit is one such event and is taking place on October 21-22, 2019 in Boston, MA at The Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel. It is a 2-day conference featuring 45+ sessions delivered by marketing experts from companies such as Marvel, Nike, Facebook, Microsoft, Home Depot, Pandora, TripAdvisor, LinkedIn, MGM Resorts, and others.




Why should you attend Digital Summit? This well-structured conference will have lectures and workshops covering all types of digital marketing, including content, SEO, social media, and advertisement. It is a great chance to network with marketers from the top companies, adopt their experience, and share your expertise.

It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.

Register for Digital Summit and get ready to bring new ideas to your business. Innovecs, a global software development company that specializes in the development of custom Ad Tech and digital marketing solutions, is also attending the event.

Digital Summit: How to Grow Your Business Through Digital Marketing

Digital Summit’s key idea is to share emerging digital marketing trends and ways of implementing them into business operations. Among the topics that will be discussed at the event are:

  • content marketing
  • UX design solutions
  • digital advertisement

Digital Summit: Marketing Content Strategy

A set of lectures at Digital Summit will be devoted to the development of marketing content strategy. In general, the process of strategy creation includes the following 10 steps:

  1. Determining goals 
  2. Setting KPIs
  3. Researching audience
  4. Selecting content channels
  5. Deciding on the type of content
  6. Allocating the budget
  7. Creating a content calendar
  8. Generating content
  9. Distributing content
  10. Measuring results

Each of these steps requires much contribution and understanding of the market. Digital Summit’s goal is to reveal this understanding and helping to build a powerful strategy.

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To improve your content and ready it for your audience, get ready to visit the following sessions:

  • Getting the Green Light: How to Build Content That People Say YES To. Lecture by Tamsen Webster from The Red Thread.
  • Find Your Fascinating: Uncover and Create Better Stories. Lecture by Justin Andrews from Animus Studios.
  • Forget Authenticity, Embrace identity: The Key to Creating Content With a Lasting Impact. Lecture by Kirstin Benson from Getty Images.

SEO & Search

To improve the SEO of your content to ensure that people open your articles, do not miss the following lectures:

  • The Psychology of a Website: Optimize for Cognitive Biases, Conversion Triggers, and Google’s RankBrain. Lecture by Matthew Capala from Alphametic.
  • Website Migration: What to Do Pre, During and Post. Lecture by Shana Sullivan, Investis Digital.
  • Using Behavioral Signals From Voice to Predict Customer Intent. Lecture by Rana Gujral from Behavioral Signals.

Social Media

To find the best channels of content distribution, visit these Digital Summit lectures and workshops:

  • Influencer Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Audience. Lecture by Ursula Ringham from SAP, Inc.
  • What Marketers Can Learn About Social Media from DJ Khaled and Drake. Lecture by Carlos Gil from Gil Media Co.
  • Unlocking the Mysteries of Instagram: The Fastest Growing Platform on Social Media. Lecture by Jason Hsiao from Animoto.

Digital Summit: The Value of UX Design

Design is another significant element of any digital marketing strategy. Commonly, UX design entails the development of products with relevant and meaningful experience. In digital marketing, you have to create your website in a way that will ensure seamless user navigation from the first contact to the conversion.

At Digital Summit, you will have a chance to go deeper into the concepts of UX design in digital marketing by attending the following sessions:

  • Breaking Through the Feed Clutter with Dynamic Creative in B2B. Lecture by Chris Apaliski from Hearts & Science.
  • The Secret to Agile Transformation: Your Web Team. Lecture by Andrea de Jounge from Pantheon.
  • Design Tips for Better Data Storytelling. Lecture.


Digital Summit: Digital Advertisement

Another essential component of any digital marketing campaign is advertisements in media,  which allow you to reach the right people and deliver the right messages. Visit the following lecture if you are interested in including ads into your strategy:

  • Your Brain on Ads: The Halo Effect. Lecture by Tony Marlow from Integral Ad Science.

Register for Digital Summit to Bring New Ideas to Your Digital Strategy

We have outlined some of the key topics that will be covered at Digital Summit in Boston. However, there will be other useful, in-depth lectures about email marketing, branding, conversion, mobile and video marketing, measurement, and others.

Any individual involved, at any capacity, within digital marketing, has to visit Digital Summit to hear and see what is working within digital marketing today, what will work tomorrow, and to meet top industry marketers.
John Colon Jr,
VP of Sales – North America at Innovecs

Meet the Innovecs’ representative, John Colon Jr, VP of Sales – North America, at Digital Summit in Boston this year. His mission is to share Innovecs’ expertise in enhancing target audience segmentation, maximizing profit from traffic distribution, setting up analytics, and making accurate predictions through tailored marketing solutions.

Captify, IronSource, and AnyClip are among the projects launched with the help of the Innovecs’ team of software developers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, and project coordinator.

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