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Cloud, DevOps, Mobile apps development, QA & testing
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Mobile, Web
Angular, AppExchange, Java, Mongo DB, PHP, Postgresql, Zendesk Apps


  • A trusted partner since 2012
  • Delivery Center, consisting of 50+ specialists
  • Agile cross-functional Scrum Teams
  • Migration to microservices (from PHP to Java)

About the Client

EZ Texting is a provider of SMS/MMS marketing solutions aiming to help businesses of all sizes to reach and engage their mobile audiences in a reliable, easy, and fast manner. The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA.

Throughout its existence, the company has managed to set standards for business texting platforms and served over 160,000 customers in the United States and Canada. Their solution was featured as a top 20 Best Product for Marketers.

Supported by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, Investor AB, and ROCA Partners, EZ Texting is continuously voted as the “Best Place to Work in Austin” and “Best Place to Work in Los Angeles” in the annual Built In’s lists.

Client’s Business Need

The EZ Texting marketing platform originally served businesses from the entertainment industry and the company had to take the next strategic step to extend market coverage and make the platform scale easily.

Innovecs Solutions

Innovecs took on the responsibility to scale the Client’s Product Team with skilled and capable engineers who would assist in evolving the platform to facilitate businesses of any size and any domain and ensuring the platform’s scalability.

Hiring skilled engineers to join the Client’s Product team

As the first step, Innovecs assigned responsible specialists from the internal Talent Acquisition department (TA) to start the recruitment process.

Taking into account the team composition requirements set by the Client, TA specialists started active promotion of the vacancies through all top channels, including the internal database with 60,000+ relevant IT contacts.

Coupled with a thorough 8-stage hiring process, this helped to find people perfectly matching the Client’s positions within a short time. Capable software engineers, QA, DevOps, and site reliability engineers were hired to scale the Client’s Product Team.

Selecting a suitable project management framework

To achieve a high level of communication and ensure consistent focus on platform evolvement and scalability, Innovecs engineers were grouped in cross-functional Scrum Teams. This agile approach allowed for incorporating changes to the platform more effectively and enhancing the overall team morale.

Engineers in Scrum Teams take responsibility for full-cycle development while Product Owners focus on maximizing value, ordering Product backlog, and aligning it with the company’s strategic goals. Scrum Masters teach the best Scrum practices, support self-organizing teams, and coach them.

Contributing to the platform evolvement and scalability

The platform evolvement that was necessary for extending market coverage entailed the development of new features to increase platform accessibility and functionality.

To ensure platform scalability, engineers have started the migration from monolithic (PHP) to a microservice-based architecture (Java). This migration will allow for efficiently handling the load on separate platform services based on the demand and adding capacity to the services that need it the most without affecting the rest of the platform.

Project results

Since 2012, the Innovecs Team has grown from 5 people into a huge Delivery Center, consisting of 50+ highly-skilled and motivated specialists. We have displayed a high standard in engineering and consulting, and the company itself proved to be a trusted and reliable partner with a proactive approach.

Dedication, laser focus, and a strong desire to contribute to the common goal have helped us to meet the Client’s business needs with perfection.

The development of new features allowed for expanding market coverage and the platform has become available to financial, healthcare, government, hospitality, marketing, real estate, and many more businesses.

Now, EZ Texting is a full-fledged, scalable platform providing the following features: drip campaigns, text forwarding, recurring messages, simple widgets, personalized reminders, SMS polls, messages with pictures, tracking and reports, multiple integrations, etc.

Client's Feedback

Partnership with Innovecs has become a great experience for us. Over the years, we managed to achieve the goals that we set at the initial stages of our cooperation. I appreciate all the work done by the Innovecs team. For the time spent with the team, I noticed how dedicated and inspired every member is. Everyone is fully engaged in the development process and can solve complicated problems. This is what I value in cooperation with the team.

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