“You have a diversity of choices,” Mykhailo Morozov, Advanced Software Engineer at Innovecs

October 13, 2021 3 min read

Mykhailo Morozov, Advanced Software Engineer (React) at Innovecs, shared with us how he decided to move to Kyiv and how seeking new experiences and impressions helps him stay inspired and productive.

Why IT?

— After ninth grade, I went to college. At the time, it was the choice of my parents rather than mine. As I studied, there were teachers who almost discouraged me from being interested in programming. In the fourth year, I finally realized that it was my cup of tea: I liked both the process and the result. By that time I had already written several sites. When I entered the university, I immediately started working. At first, there was a lot of confusion, but today I advise young people who want to enter the field.

What is attractive in IT other than salary?

— Personally, I’m happy to create applications that people will use in the future. Everyone finds something of their own. Of course, the salary matters.

— Where to start to get into IT?

— I think it is extremely important to find a mentor. Now, this is not a problem, because the community is large, you can always reach out to the right person. It is important to realize that no one will do anything for you. There are many courses, lessons, resources which you can start learning with. If you really want to achieve something, no failures and mistakes will be an obstacle. The main thing is not to give up and move on.

— How did you decide to move from Sumy to Kyiv?

— There were several reasons for moving. First, I wanted to change the environment. Novelty does not frighten me at all, on the contrary — I find it very attractive. In order to understand whether you are making the right choice, you need to try everything. Maybe in the future, I will switch the area, but so far I know for sure that I am in my place. The acquaintance with Kyiv began with the introduction of lockdown, it was not easy to join the new environment. But over time, everything fell into place and I got settled.

— What technologies will change your profession?

— Every day brings something new to the table. I think machine learning will run the show. It is possible that we will move away from writing code, and machines will handle everything themselves.

— Why do you participate in every InnoClub community?

— I sincerely like to find something new for myself. Plus, I like to keep fit, care for my health. Among the huge number of communities, I like running and tennis the most. It is a great pleasure to play mafia, I hope that one-time games will eventually grow in the community. I would also like to join the fight community, so I’m looking forward to its launch.

— How to deal with burnout?

— For me, participating in the community is a reboot. Having a hobby and active recreation help to refresh the mind after work. During my year at Innovecs, I didn’t take a vacation, except for a few days — I just don’t want to. I’m interested in what I do, so there’s no stress.

— What do you like about Innovecs?

— I love the atmosphere. The important thing is that you can look for yourself, choose new activities. I also like favorable conditions for new ideas — you will always be heard and supported. Alumni Club is a great initiative — you can attend events while already working for another company. That is, it is an atmosphere that goes beyond the company. Even if people go further in their careers, they still remain part of a large, friendly community.