“Look around. This wonderful world is full of inspiration,” — Anton Pecherytsia, Site Manager at Innovecs

November 24, 2021 2 min read

The ability to maintain enthusiasm even in times of failure is the driving force behind all successful people. Why it is important to inspire others and be inspired yourself, how to maintain morale, and what it means to be Inspiring — we addressed these and other questions to Anton Pecherytsia, Site Manager at Innovecs.

— Who exactly are Inspiring people?

— For me, Inspiring people are the ones who enjoy what they do. They see the results of both their own and the whole team, and this inspires them to continue working and accumulating this internal energy for creation. I think this is one of the most important points why people stick with a company for a long time — they just genuinely love what they do.

— What’s the hardest part about being Inspiring?

— Working on one big thing for quite a while often leads to burnout. In this case, it is more difficult to find some kind of intrinsic motivation and force oneself to do the job. A possible life hack of how to avoid this is to constantly learn something new, set for yourself some new goals, tasks, study new technologies and approaches. It is also imperative for people seeking constant inspiration to look around more often. This big and beautiful world is full of interesting companies, products, books, musical masterpieces. All this also invigorates you to move toward your goals.

— What helps you stay Inspiring?

— I really like the team I work with. I do not feel like a part of a team, but rather of a big friendly family. I like the challenges we set for ourselves. When we achieve some results, we acquire experience, a feeling of satisfaction that everything is not in vain. For me, this is the main source of inspiration — setting goals, achieving them, and then moving forward.

— Why is it cool to be Inspiring?

— In our life, one of the main success factors is precisely inspiration — the emotional component. This allows you to leave your comfort zone, look for new ways, constantly develop and, thereby, achieve your goals. When someone is not inspired by work or life in general, everything seems like the “Groundhog Day” movie. In the opposite situation, the day before, a person would get inspired by a spectacular concert or performance and would wait impatiently to share emotions and energy with the team in the morning.

— What does it take to be Inspiring?

— Quite a lot depends on the person, the sources of energy for living and creating things. In addition, the environment plays a huge role. I think that many of us have faced situations when, after long years of communication, people disappear from life, and others replace them. This happens because we want to surround ourselves with those who will be on the same wavelength with us and will coincide energetically and emotionally.

Be Specific, Be Inspiring!