Three questions to the CEO: Interview with Alex Lutskiy

April 28, 2022 12 min read

Alex Lutskiy is the Founder and CEO of Innovecs, a global software development company. Under his management within 10 years, Innovecs has developed from a small office and a team of three people into an award-winning digital transformation tech company with over 800 software engineers. Within Innovecs, Alex has launched InnoCamp, an educational initiative for tech specialists, and InnoHub, a multimedia venue for educational events in the business and tech spheres.

With over 15 years of experience working throughout the Americas and Europe, Alex brings strong technical and business qualifications with an impressive track record of hands-on experience in strategic planning, business unit development, project and product management, and system engineering strategies.

Being open as always, Alex kindly accepted our invitation for a brief three-question talk. Our interests were mainly centered on leadership: preferred approaches in business management as well as insights on unparalleled client experience.

— What is your definition of transparency leadership? How do you implement it in daily practice?

— The word ‘transparency’ is pretty much self-explanatory. For me, transparency means openness, honesty, and easy communication. We all have people in our lives who perfectly reflect this concept. Ask yourself a question: how exactly do you feel while being around ‘your’ people? You feel safe and free. And it is not about physical safety as if something is life-threatening. We feel safe while being ourselves, speaking our minds, and being truthful and direct. Therefore, transparency is about mutual respect and freedom. I believe it is a certain lifestyle.

Now let’s project transparency onto business management and entire corporate life. Over the years of growing our teams and expertise, Innovecs has always stuck to the people-first philosophy. We don’t just hire an employee — we welcome on board a talented and unique personality. The performance of each teammate depends on the extent of inner freedom and happiness we as a company can provide. Any culture of transparency and trust starts with the company’s leader who sets the tone. At this point, your employees expect from you consistency in practicing what you preach.

A leader’s transparency demands systematic accountability. Whether it’s financial presentation, our quarterly Q&A session, weekly call, or honest talk one-to-one during a coffee break — people need this stability and presence. A real presence when you genuinely care, but not just as a formality. On the other hand, every team member is not only welcome to provide their own feedback on numerous aspects of corporate life but it’s also guaranteed their voice is heard and taken into consideration. Thus, transparency leadership is an ongoing mindful dialogue and drives mutual value for both company and its people.

— In your opinion, how important is it to create added value for your clients through digital solutions and help them transform

— Creating an added value is not just important — it is what we are here for. The world is evolving at a breakneck pace, and various external circumstances or disruptions sometimes channel this evolution into unexpected directions. What is a business to do? It is essential to be flexible and viable whatever the challenge is. Whether we are talking about healthtech, fintech, logistics, or retail — organizations of all kinds require digital solutions they can rely on. Digital transformation is for some a huge milestone that is quite intimidating. In order to drive this value, we as a services provider need to approach this partnership comprehensively.

We as a company always start by building bonds of trust with our clients. Whatever the development stage is, we accompany them, guide them and think it is our duty to anticipate their questions and concerns. Innovecs is constantly raising its standards in terms of providing the best services possible — every Innovecser has access to various courses, workshops, lectures, and certifications. This is why we have a number of loyal clients that enjoy their experience and come for more. That loyalty reflects a crucial thing for us — we are valuable to them.

— At the moment you are engaged in communication with clients and therefore watch over the service quality and sales process. Does it mean you as a leader have to be deeply involved in all aspects of business?

— Business success is deeply rooted in everyone’s engagement in the working process, shouldn’t I be the first in that line? In order for a company to cut through the noise and own a niche, the first thing for its leader to do is to be genuinely interested in the business. In other words, you have to love what you do, there is simply no other way.

I started my path as a software engineer way back in the 1990s, then grew into a manager striving for seniority. Years went by, and I developed into an entrepreneur, an advisor, and a leader of a vibrant and strong community. Today, I am deeply involved in sales, or to be more precise — I represent us and see with my own eyes client’s feedback on us. Which is much more insightful than learning it from reports. It is the only true reflection of my efforts as a captain of my crew.

Over about 30 years of my life, I changed roles and gained experience from various points. I obtained information first-hand. Therefore, there is a clear idea of how things should go, and what the real state of affairs is. It is a perfect chance to see whether there is a gap between our values, principles, and execution and whether we live in line with our principles. It is vital that a leader has the will, ability, and knowledge to walk in the shoes of the company’s employees. Leadership is not about building a framework and then letting it go. It is about 24/7 involvement and knowing business inside out.

June 24, 2022
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