The first IT company to conquer TikTok: how it happened

December 13, 2021 3 min read

You might not understand it, you might not love it, but you can’t ignore it. We are talking about TikTok, namely Innovecs in TikTok.

TikTok was launched in 2016 in China, and two years later it was announced in the international arena. But the decisive success of this social network has scored since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic. Innovecs keeps up with the international trends and also conquered TikTok.

As of today, we have more than 5,000 subscribers. We are quoted, our videos are shared on other social networks, and people apply to vacancies via TikTok. How did we do it? We decided to ask those who are behind the success of the Innovecs TikTok account.

Yulia Sokolenko, CEO Executive Assistant, the mastermind and main creator of the Innovecs TikTok account

— Yulia, tell us, how did you come up with the idea to start a corporate TikTok?

— It was quick! TikTok is a social network of movement, speed, so we had no other option. The whole Instagram was flooded with videos from TikTok. And I thought to myself, “Wow!” Innovecs is on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, why aren’t we still on TikTok, where there is the most fun and humor? I decided that it was better to lead the way rather than to catch the last train.

And I’m sure it was the right decision because now everyone dreams of creating a TikTok like Innovecs.

— What inspires you to create new videos?

— That depends. Sometimes I come to work and see some funny scene, the situation in the kitchen, near the workplace, and immediately want to pick up the trend and shoot a story in TikTok. There are a lot of interesting work and life moments every day, and videos take seconds to create.

But sometimes it’s hard. Especially during editing, you look and think, “Oh my God, what did we shoot?” Then our programmers come to my aid, who inspire me, tell me about their most interesting and unforgettable moments. It is difficult for one person to constantly come up with ideas. I have a very cool team of TikTok actors and comedians. And I’m always happy to turn your idea into a TikTok video and a life story that is familiar to everyone!

Rostislav Kylymchuk, Java Software Engineer, Chief Actor, and Assistant for Content Creation of Innovecs TikTok Account

— Rostislav, why did you decide to join this project?

— Humor has always been my hobby. I like to watch stand-up comedy, I am fond of improvisation, I always like to joke. So here I found my realization. It’s a really great feeling when a team with an incredible sense of humor creates content watched by thousands of people. There are even Innovecsers who joined the company after learning about it from TikTok. Such moments are very inspiring!

— Is it difficult to generate ideas and combine them with work?

— Writing a script is always an interesting and not always easy process. Sometimes a wonderful joke comes up in the middle of the day when you don’t even think about it, and sometimes you can sit for an hour and never arrive at anything.

We always prepare material and shoot videos after work, so it’s easy to combine. Sometimes we have to postpone plans for the evening, but most of the time we just shoot a few videos at a time and post them gradually, so it’s not very critical.

Valeriia Burakova, Junior Procurement Specialist, the lead actress of the Innovecs TikTok account

— What convinced you to join the project?

— First of all, the desire to be part of a completely new social network for Innovecs. Participating in a project — directly in the filming — makes you more confident and hones charisma. A nice bonus is that for shooting you get points under the Ambassador Program. There is no need to even convince.

— Valeriia, how do you manage to into characters so well?

— I get a lot of support and help from Julia, our TikTok ideologist: how I can look better on screen, where I need to express more emotions, and where they will be superfluous. Secondly, it is an accurate portrayal and local humor. When you see how your video accumulates a lot of views, lifts the spirits of others, and people recognize themselves in the characters — there is no need in getting into character, everything goes easily on its own.