Participants of Innovecs Summer Internship Program Have Presented Their Projects

December 19, 2019 3 min read

Summer Internship Program (SIP) is all about growing our own talents in-house. We have created it as a platform to offer opportunities to the next generation of budding software engineers. This is not only of a benefit to interns but is also a way of building a pipeline for future leaders, and thus enriching the whole industry with new talents.

SIP started at the end of August 2019 and lasted for 12 weeks. After thorough assessments, six talented interns joined Innovecs for 12 weeks to learn from our leading Engineering experts and develop their projects in InnoCamp.

The internship process involved an initial bootcamp, mentoring, and enrollment in an ongoing education program. It also included a project assignment that interns were responsible for and a final project presentation.

The SIP’s key feature is about making it possible to implement the ideas of our current employees with the trainees being involved in the process. Among the 10 most promising ideas, we have chosen three to make them real.

All in all, six interns have worked in pairs to develop and represent these projects set to enhance the level of employees’ engagement in the company:

  1. Café Credits: a service for cash-free purchases at InnoHub Bar — a local office café. It allows people to buy real items at the bar by paying with virtual credits, that were awarded to employees in terms of employees’ engagement program. For example, you can use 3 credits to buy a coffee and an éclair.
  2. Intern Campus: an application to manage interns’ achievements and awards in terms of the internship program. It also includes additional features such as feedback, status, mentorships, and allows us to monitor the general success of each intern.
  3. Career Path: an innovative product which helps employees who are looking towards professional growth opportunities to plan their career within a company. It empowers HR specialists with a tool to create career maps and add position requirements and skills.

Each team consisted of one Front-end and one Back-end intern developer. To ensure effectiveness during the work process, they were guided by individual mentors and the idea creators in the role of a product owner.

As a result of their successful internship at Innovecs, trainees have received offers to join the team as Intern Software Engineers.

This is what our interns say about the program: 

We had to go all the way of the Software Development Life Cycle — from defining technical requirements and designing future application to the product release. Now I have a better grip of React & Redux, I’ve learned Material-UI from scratch and I also got experience in integration and interaction with third-party services under my belt. Deep dive into the business domain has enabled me to complete a quite challenging product within 3 months in a small team without initial expertise.
Ihor Pavlenko,
SIP Intern
For me, it was a great opportunity to make an application from scratch. Once there was nothing, and now it is something. I was pleased to work in a team, with real-life tasks and challenges. I have learned about the best developers’ practice and front-end communication with back-end. Innovecs has become a second home for me, with its cozy atmosphere and friendly people. I am glad to start my developer's path here.
Ksenia Dudnyk,
SIP Intern
My internship at Innovecs was incredible. During these three months, I have completely immersed in Innovecs' life and felt like a part of the company. I have learned how to organize the workflow properly in order to succeed with the project’s implementation. As a professional, I have really grown a lot over this time. The most valuable experience for me was the obtained skill to learn and immediately apply new knowledge and technology into practice. I would highly recommend the SIP program to anyone interested in a career in IT.
Anton Stebelski,
SIP Intern
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