Building the online gambling platform

Gaming & Entertainment
DevOps, Microservices development, QA & testing
Project Type
Golang, Java, PHP, React


  • Building a team of 25+ skilled engineers.
  • Achieving 10 times faster platform performance.
  • The live platform has 500K+ active users globally.

About the Client

OpenTag is an international company specializing in Sports Betting and Gaming. They carry over 15 years of experience in the market, cooperating with 100+ gaming operators and 1000+ partners and having millions of active players daily.

OpenTag’s mission is to build an online gambling platform that delivers operational excellence and outstanding user experience.

Client’s business need

The goal of OpenTag was to build an innovative and easily scalable online gambling platform with the UI of its legacy platform. Thus, the Client needed to extend their product team and find capable software engineers.

Innovecs contribution

Innovecs assumed the responsibility to build a robust team of software engineers with relevant expertise to consolidate with the client’s product team and help to develop a gambling platform from scratch preserving only the old UI and capable of seamless on-demand scaling.

Team composition:

  • Software engineers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Manual QA engineer
  • Technical Lead
  • Project Manager

Project management framework:


About the gambling platform:

OpenTag’s gambling platform provides access to a variety of Casino, Sport, eSport, and Casual gaming for players from around the world. The platform is working on a direct partnership with some of the biggest payment providers, gateways, and aggregators in the industry.

The platform is programmed to store user data, including the volume of bets and player behaviors in various situations, which helps identify the services that must be improved to provide better player experiences.

We’ve created service-driven engineering teams responsible for developing microservice-based architecture with the aim not only to achieve improved fault isolation but also to make the platform scale easily.

With the part of the services coded in PHP, we also use the Golang as it is prone to effectively maintaining heavy loads. For some of the services, the team applies Java suitable for complex systems, while front-office and back-office are written using the React.JS framework.

Project results

  • Scaled the client’s product team with 25+ motivated and result-driven specialists and formed service-driven engineering teams.
  • 9 months after starting the project, successfully delivered an MVP, and 6 months after that, went live with the first version of the gambling platform.
  • A new microservice-based platform could handle high loads 10 times faster than the client’s legacy platform.
  • Attracted 500K+ active players from around the world.
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