Streamlined Financial Operation with e-Documents

Digital Document Management for Faster Operations and Returns

We’re transforming today’s financial tech by giving our clients the opportunity to access and handle various types of documents online, anytime and from any device. With a legally compliant digital document storage at hand, you can securely work on files, exchange them to third parties, while preserving the unique digital ownership.

Solutions of Electronic Document Management


Digital archive of customer profiles


Make your day-to-day customer service easier and faster. Digital archiving of customer documents allows for proper organizing, secure storing, decreasing wage costs, improving quality and control, and freeing up time for managers for more productive aims.


File delivery tracking system


Monitor the delivery of customer profiles from the point of sale to your centralized repository, check the current file location and notify users to send any profiles that weren’t sent to the storage on time. The tracking system decreases the risk of losing critical files to almost zero.


Digital archive of paper documents


Handle your physical papers by moving their copies into digital storage. Whether it's customer documents or documents generated inside your institution (accounting, HR), the digital archive allows you to automate and speed up the processing of each one.


Automated loans


With a solution for an automated credit application, banks escape from the time-consuming processing of requests, accept more applications and approve more loans, and increase their profits. The system also allows to check a borrower's credit history and decline non-prospective clients.

Benefits of Digitizing Financial Document Management
There is a bunch of advantages if you decide to go paperless, from cost reduction for preparing outgoing papers to faster document processing. Also, this implies the possibility of cryptographic data protection at sending them off, team-work (even remote) one-Documents, and large capacities for analysis by customizable parameters.
Rapid Processing of e-Documents
Control of Every Single Document
Digital Signature for Faster Interactions
Cost Reduction for Outgoing Documents
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