iGaming Solution Upgrade

Let’s Take Your iGaming Solution to the Next Level

Customize your existing iGaming software to boost its performance and engage more active users. Innovecs teams can help you review the design of the iGaming solution, analyze it, and introduce ideas for its improvement.

How to Upgrade Your iGaming Solution?


UI/UX enhancement


Review the interface of your iGaming solution and apply specific UI tools to effectively map user journey, optimize player acquisition, provide seamless player experience, and increase retention.


New technologies


Improve the gameplay by using trendy technologies that can help grow user engagement. Apply VR, AR, or MR technologies to make the game immersive and entertaining for the players.




Make the users of your iGaming solution quickly access it from their smartphone or tablet. Increase players’ loyalty by making the game available both via desktop and mobile.


Personalized promotions


Integrate multiple mini-games, bonuses, and promotions into your iGaming solution. Take into account the categories of your target audience and customize these elements according to their portraits.

Innovecs Helps Upgrade Your iGaming Solution
If you see that your iGaming solution has become outdated or is losing players, come to Innovecs, and we will help you overcome this challenge. Our teams include engineers, game designers, architects, and game testers with years of experience. They can take on the responsibility of reviewing your iGaming solution and come up with ideas about how it can be upgraded. If needed, we can scale teams with more experts depending on the project objectives, the scope of work, and established deadlines, at the same time sticking to the budget requirements.
Wide talent pool
Years of expert experience
Deep niche expertise
Balance between speed and quality
game design outsourcing

If you are looking for a software development partner to build an iGaming solution, we are ready to help.

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Tomer Ozeri
QA and Tech-Ops Director, NeoGames
Jam City

Innovecs is an experienced game development company that worked with large-scale game publishers. Our engineers teamed up with in-house developers to augment their teams and collaborated with companies who needed to develop a game from scratch.

Innovecs can take responsibility for any stage of the game development as well as for the complete development process.

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