A Full Guide To Mobile Game Design: Theory and Best Practices

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August 13, 2020 1 min read

To create an engaging game style, you need to make sure your UI and UX designs are first-class creations. Every detail and element of the game design must be worked out: colors, widgets, characters, buttons, navigation bar, and other interactive components.

When starting the game, the player should feel that it is easy to use, beautiful, fun, and amazing. All of this can be achieved if designers and artists work together and use their best practices. For example, research your target audience and keep in mind that not all players are the same. There are people with disabilities. So, make sure that your game works for people with low sight or color blindness.

Another tip is to use in-app ads wisely so that they don’t annoy players and work effectively.

For more guidelines on how to create the perfect game design, read this article – https://www.innovecsgames.com/blog/mobile-game-design/


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