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June 23, 2020 3 min read

We live in a period when the gaming industry develops at a quick pace. Just imagine, according to Valve’s Steam platform, on March 15, 20 million users across the world were playing at the same time, as COVID-19 began to spread more in the US.

This is why we decided to place a greater focus on game development education and specifically on Unity.

Unity is a wonderful tool to learn if you're looking to start in the games industry. It's the engine that, by far, powers most of the high-end PC, Console, and best-selling mobile games. There's no better time to start thinking about gaming as a career. The pandemic has actually increased the demand for new games, game studios are hiring like never before, and new consoles from Sony and Microsoft are now launching, building even more demand for new content.
Doug Dyer,
VP of Gaming & Entertainment at Innovecs

Thus, Innovecs announces the registration for a Unity training track based on InnoCamp, our internal educational platform. It is already the fourth training track provided by InnoCamp. The aim is to develop competencies of future IT-specialists in Ukraine. In 2019, we delivered tracks dedicated to QA Manual, QA Automation, and Front-end (React, JavaScript), resulting in over 20 graduates who started their careers at Innovecs.

We invite everyone wishing to develop as a Unity game developer. The training starts on July 7, 2020. The best students will have a chance to pass the interview and become a part of one of the Innovecs international game projects.

Despite the fact that there are many multi-functional game development engines on the market, Unity is a top solution that provides a number of highly competitive advantages.

Unity is a powerful cross-platform engine that allows our teams to work and iterate quickly. Easy to start and hard to master, Unity is fun to use across developers of various skillsets. Multi-platform development, the rapid evolution of the engine, development support, and huge community make Unity the engine of choice when we work on the next mobile game title.
Oleksii Isaiev,
Head of Gaming at Innovecs

Track Content and Duration

Unity track will last for 10 weeks consisting of:

  • 20 technical classes;
  • 4 English classes for game developers;
  • 4 soft skills workshops to develop creativity, teamwork, effective communication, and critical thinking capabilities.

The education program will include 11 modules:

  1. Basics of the classic component Unity model.
  2. Basics of Git version control.
  3. Basics of C #.
  4. Canvas UI + C #.
  5. Basics of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).
  6. Animation.
  7. Save / Load.
  8. Network interaction.
  9. Basics of game optimization for mobile devices.
  10. Game projection patterns.
  11. Peculiarities of Android, iOS, Web game development. Optimization principles.

Training Format and Lecturers

This track will be delivered through remote workshops embracing teamwork and EduScrum methodology. Participants, together with the best Innovecs game dev experts, will analyze practical cases from the Innovecs portfolio.

Track lecturers:

  • Stanislav Felinskyi — Software Architect (Unity3D) at Innovecs, Unity Certified Developer, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Physics and Mathematics, has 9+ years of experience in game development.
  • Taras Lazoriv — Senior Unity3D Engineer at Innovecs, ICAgile Certified Professional, the gamer with 25+ years of experience, European StarCraft II Championship finalist, 5+ years of experience in game development.

Participant requirements:

  • ability to use C # on a basic level;
  • know at least Pre-intermediate English;

Registration and Cost

To enroll in the Unity training track, you have to submit this form. After that, we will send detailed instructions on the email you provide during the registration.

July 5 is the registration deadline. July 7 is the planned date for track start. The cost of training is $250, including all workshops and classes.


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