The Way CRM Solutions Help in Healthcare

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April 21, 2017 4 min read

Healthcare is currently a massive industry with tens of thousands of patients being seen to every day. Сan you imagine what a nightmare it would be if there wasn’t a way to accurately store and use patient’s individual data?

That’s where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) outsourcing comes into play. By outsourcing your CRM solution development, you are not only getting the software required to efficiently and securely store patient information at a reasonable cost, but you are also building trustworthy partnership and service support to have your services running smoothly and much faster.

You may already have a standard and aged CRM software, but as CRM software is part of Business Intelligence (BI) it should help your business to manage every large and small issue and no ready-to-use solution can achieve that, especially taking into account the specifics of the healthcare industry and your company.The Way CRM Solutions Help in Healthcare

Innovecs is ready to help medical startups and private clinics with customized technology solutions. Outsource the development of your CRM and practice management solution to our experienced team of engineers and designers. We are ready to help you with:

  • securely storing customer data
  • managing customer correspondence
  • automating certain tasks
  • effortlessly referring patients to other healthcare providers
  • organizing patients based on their specific ailment or condition
  • attracting new patients and maintaining relationships with existing ones
  • maintaining business partner relationships
  • helping manage employee files and information
  • housing assets and resources for customer use or employee training.

The other major benefit about utilizing CRM is that it can be integrated with Web Content Management (WCM) which can aid in Workflow Management (WfMS). Some healthcare organizations rely heavily on liaising with their patients/customers online and this means having to send out bulk emails such as newsletters or allowing clients and employees to access their information via a secure Enterprise Portal.

By having a piece of CRM software that can integrate with WCM, patients and employees can do everything they need and access everything they want completely online, ruling out the need to employ a whole new group of people to manage such processes otherwise.


However, CRM software isn’t there just for the benefit of clients and employees. It also helps healthcare organizations to maintain relationships and correspondence with other organizations such as business partners. A good deal of hospitals and healthcare specialists rely heavily on referrals to gain new patients and customers. For example, if a patient is seen about a foot condition and needs to be referred to a podiatrist, their information can be sent to the podiatrist easily with the help of Customer Relationship Management software.

Because a lot of aspects of CRM can be a challenge to design and implement, there are only a handful of companies that offer CRMs specifically aimed at healthcare, and Innovecs is among the few that offer a variety of top-notch healthcare software outsourcing services.

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Handling customer relationships can be a very intricate process, and it requires the utmost efficiency when dealing with healthcare. Below are four benefits of developing a custom-made CRM through software outsourcing in healthcare:

  1. Improved Efficiency: With the help of a tailored CRM you can avoid double data entry, errors when inputting data, forgotten tasks or activities, slow speed, filing errors or inaccuracies in your databases. Developing your own CRM through outsourcing can help automate inputting processes which in turn reduce the risk of errors and make the whole process a lot faster.
  2. Better Patient Experience: Older ways of handling patient data and information could often be inefficient resulting in long waiting times, poor communication and overall unhappy patients.

By utilizing CRM and its automation, processes have noticeably increased in speed. This gives customers more trust in how they are serviced, faster experience when having to wait, and gives the option of keeping customers up to date with their appointments, treatment options, etc. which lets them feel well looked after.

  1. Comprehensive Insights: Finding a way to target your customers and patients without the aid of a CRM is nearly impossible. With your custom CRM software, you can get good insights into patient demographics and health issues. Being able to bring up customer information and data as a group quickly allows you to engage different tactics with unique marketing aims. By delivering appropriate marketing strategies, your customers will feel supported, and your team can communicate more effectively helping focus on the ideal patient experience.
  2. Advanced Compliance: Filing systems can often be quite messy which can not only slow down processes but also leave a gaping hole in regards to security. Patient information needs to be classified and private, and that is better done with a CRM system developed to meet your highest security expectations.

Being compliant in regards to patient privacy is very important and putting a proper CRM into place to protect that information means your staff will be able to more easily follow compliance measures when it comes to handling that data. The CRM absorbs the risks which means you can focus on the growth of your organization and other issues. Also, your team and patients will feel safe in the knowledge that all confidential data is stored securely and will not be leaked outside.

Key Takeaways:

Employing Customer Relationship Management software outsourcing carries many benefits and with the recent technological breakthroughs that allow digital data to be stored in a cloud, employing a CRM development outsourcing company has never been more useful. With the help of Innovecs, your CRM can be securely accessed anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection.

Being able to integrate with Web Content Management, Workflow Management, and Enterprise Portals, CRM proves it can benefit any healthcare organization when it comes to handling patients, private information and marketing strategies. But most importantly you will be managing and maintaining relationships with customers and business partners easier than ever before.

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