Future Healthcare: Results that Innovecs Has Delivered


Point of view
“The most interesting thing identified during the conference is the transition and clear demand for digitized information, whether it be staffing monitoring, patient care/records, apps, or ‘virtual’ online doctors.”
Ian Beighton,
Senior Vice President of Business Development and Sales EMEA at Innovecs

Also, the overall digitization of healthcare was determined during an analysis of the projects that participated in Future Healthcare 2019.

Top-3 domains are:

  • Virtual healthcare when telehealth services become more common, and when VR becomes more common in education and therapy
  • The development of healthcare IT infrastructure, with a focus on data privacy and security
  • The proliferation of wearable devices for healthcare needs and the extensive analysis of data from these devices for forecast goals

As an experienced developer of healthcare solutions, Innovecs can help you develop various types of apps.

Our latest projects include:

  • Virtual medical consultation platforms
  • Healthcare data management platforms
  • Healthcare applications that use big data
  • Fertility tracking app

If you haven’t had an opportunity to participate in Future Healthcare, or haven’t met our representatives yet, you are more than welcome to drop them a line.

Ian Beighton

Senior Vice President of Business Development and Sales EMEA at Innovecs


Vishal Mathur

Chief Business Officer at Innovecs


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