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Unbreak VR Performance at ICE

Point of view
“For now, VR is not as commonplace as mobile or even desktop, and people continue associating this tech mostly with virtual games. And this is amazing for the gambling industry. The VR technology is in its infancy and the ones who offer advanced experiences today are on top of the game! Virtual Reality offers endless possibilities for development and investment. Many game types, casino and poker card battle games are there to be picked and made money on through immersion in a life-like casino setting.”
Alex Lutskiy,
Co-founder and CEO of Innovecs

We will have a VR performance at our booth S8-330 at ICE. So come and experience Virtual Reality gaming firsthand during our demonstrations of top casino games from our portfolio and our VR development capabilities along with our representatives who work across a broad swath of gaming technology.


To learn more and schedule a meeting with Alex Lutskiy, Co-founder, and CEO of Innovecs, and Doug Dyer, Managing Director USA, VP of Global Gaming, please visit ICE2017.