Andrew Slusher from SMC3 and Sushant Pandita from Maersk Talk on the Supply Chain Today and Beyond

June 25, 2020 4 min read

On June 24, 2020, Innovecs hosted an online discussion dedicated to the state of the supply chain industry within the pandemic environment and more.

John Colón Jr, Innovecs VP of Sales, moderated a fruitful conversation with Andrew Slusher, the CEO at SMC3, and Sushant Pandita, the Global Program Director at Maersk. They talked about solutions that could make a positive contribution both to businesses and customers during this time and beyond.

We would like to outline the key points of the conversation and provide some recommendations on how to fight supply chain challenges through the example of Maersk and SMC3 giants.

supply chain talk

Agile Supply Chains in Terms of Rapid Market Changes

Goods shipped today are different from goods shipped a few months ago. The focus has shifted toward food, medical, and other basic-needs products. The challenge for transportation companies is to keep its network agile to such changes and adjustable to new environments and delivery modes.

Moreover, companies have to provide solutions that they did not provide before and deploy them quickly and efficiently.

The consistent thing is speed. We need to continue to move quickly and to figure out the ways to better utilize fleet. Because profitability is ready measured on very thin margins and you have got to make sure you extremely efficiently utilize the assets you have in business. Efficient asset utilization becomes very challenging. This is why it is important to take traditional systems and build extensions to them
Andrew Slusher,

Stable Communication Both with Customers and Employees

Developing a marketing strategy focused on reliability and trust will allow for increasing customer loyalty toward your company. For example, regular video conferences with customers, educational webinars, and training sessions could help grow satisfaction with your services. Good communication and first-class support are a priority.

Customers trust in our ability to make sure that we are doing the best things for their supply chains. This is why my advice here is that we should listen to our customers, interact more with the customers, try to understand their pain points, and receive feedback from them to provide the best services possible.
Sushant Pandita,
Global Program Director at Maersk

Another focus is on employees, their health, and their well-being. Mr. Slusher stated that “if your employees are healthy and are well, and have the necessary resources, they will be in a position to support the customers effectively”.

Enhanced Data Visualisation Capabilities

Mr. Pandita said that “we are working in a very different world now where technology and the Internet of Things are coming into place in a big manner”.

With a majority of available technologies, supply chains can be taken to another level. For example, applying blockchain helps enhance real-time visibility over all stages of the supply chain and achieve higher security of sensitive data. Maersk applies TradeLens digital technologies, including people-less supply chain and implementation of electronic document management in place.

Speed of decision-making needed in a crisis like we are in today really drives the need for access to data, visibility to data, and the right data. Trucking companies and logistics companies try to balance this network that was strong out of balance so rapidly by using the tools that can improve the flow of goods and provide dynamic pricing capabilities in real-time to keep yourself profitable.
Andrew Slusher,

And More Statements

Above we have stated the key points of discussion. However, it also covered a lot of other significant themes for supply chain such as predictive analytics, visibility dashboards, IoT and 5G, and many more.

If you want to gain additional insight, please watch the video below. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact John Colón Jr, our VP of Sales, by email: or via LinkedIn —

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