Summing Up CEO Night Talk on Business Development in CEE

August 28, 2020 4 min read

On August 13, Innovecs hosted CEO Night: Benefit from Investing & Partnerships in CEE, an insightful online talk dedicated to the benefits of investing in business development in the CEE region. The event was organized in support of Emerging Europe, our media partner, and took place online at InnoHub, the Innovecs multimedia space.

Lenna Koszarny from Horizon Capital, Andreas Flodström from Beetroot, and Dominique Piotet from UNIT.City discussed the reasons why starting a business in the CEE region is a good bet and shared their own experience. The event was moderated by Andrew Wrobel, Founding Partner of Emerging Europe.

During the discussion, our speakers shared firsthand insights, their success stories, and valuable tips for entrepreneurs-beginners. Below you can go through a short event summary. However, you can visit our partner’s source for a detailed overview by the link.

Talented and Creative People

Lenna Koszarny, Founding Partner and CEO of Horizon Capital, claimed that the CEE region, and Ukraine in particular, had a rich pool of creative minds and technical experts. She explained that the young generation of entrepreneurs tended to think out of the box and go far beyond boundaries in their business development strategies.

Investors tend to look to Kyiv, Odesa, and the West. And I encourage them to go further to the East because there is a lot of talent, a lot of people who want good jobs.
Lenna Koszarny,
Founding Partner and CEO of Horizon Capital

Just like Ms. Koszarny, Dominique Piotet, CEO of Unit.City, also put the focus on how talented the specialists in CEE are.

The opportunity [in Ukraine] is enormous because of the talent of the people. They are really world-class. If I had not been in Kyiv, I would not have thought about the local talent. And that’s the thing – we need more people to come.
Dominique Piotet,
CEO of

According to Alex Lutskiy, founder and CEO of Innovecs, people are the key asset for successful business development on any market. At Innovecs, we put our engineers first and create a favorable environment for their growth.

In the tech sphere, the talent of Ukrainian engineers speaks for itself, whether it is a start-up story or an outsourcing business. And as a service company, we know this for sure. In Ukraine, we are lucky to work with committed and passionate people who are efficient at working remotely with customers across the globe.
Alex Lutskiy,
Founder and CEO of Innovecs

High Living Standards for IT Specialists

The Ukrainian economy allows IT specialists to feel comfortable in terms of living standards. In the Western European countries, software engineer with the same expertise would not financially afford the same things as the engineer in CEE.

The interesting thing is that as an IT specialist in Kyiv, you would have a better living standard financially than you would have as the same-level IT specialist in Stockholm, for example.
Andreas Flodström,
Founder and CEO of Beetroot

Long-Term Perspective for Business Development

More and more businesses are getting established in CEE and Ukraine offering tech experts great opportunities.

Andreas Flodström, Founder and CEO of Beetroot, shared his story of moving from an accomplished Swedish market to start a business in Ukraine. After carrying out a thorough analysis, looking at places where he could potentially relocate with his business, he found that “we always came to the conclusion that despite the issues in the country, Ukraine is the place where we will be most successful in the long term, so we stick to Ukraine”.

More Insights

The event is over, but the topic of business development in the CEE countries remains on the front burner. Watch the video of the entire event below to get more insights and understand why successful entrepreneurs decide to invest in a business in Ukraine.

May 18, 2022
Unity As a Weapon Against Evil: How Volunteering Helps Resist Russia’s Enemy Attack
Innovecs is a global company, we have two large offices in Ukraine located in Kyiv and Mykolayiv. On February 24, Ukrainians woke up to a new reality — a hostile Russian invasion shattered the plans and quiet lives of 45 million people. Instead of getting confused, the Ukrainians united in the name of victory. President Zelenskiy is now compared to King David of Israel, who skillfully dealt with the huge and ugly Goliath. A small country on a map is fighting a huge Russian army. National collective responsibility has been a powerful blow in response to Russia’s legend of a weak and divided Ukraine. Here everyone is either a soldier or a volunteer. Each of us has our own battlefront. Someone hospitably opens the door to migrants, makes dumplings for soldiers in the defense, someone donates to the army, and seeks options to buy bulletproof vests and medical kits for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Someone performs DDoS attacks on Russian sites and is waging an active war on the information front. Some advise and provide psychological assistance, some treat and organize humanitarian convoys free of charge. Innovecs, like hundreds of others, has joined the financial support of the army. We also organized additional fundraising for each team member who wanted to donate money to support the army. Of course, Innovecsers help not only with funding, but also volunteer. Today we will share some stories of our team members who chose their “battlefront” during the war with Russia.