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Meet Innovecs at ICE 2017 Totally Gaming Conference

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“While our company has extensive expertise in Adtech, Fintech and Gaming, we’re seeing growth in our gaming business accelerate at an ever-increasing pace. We see ICE as the perfect opportunity to visit with our customers while developing all-new partnerships with fellow industry leaders.”
Alex Lutskiy,
CEO of Innovecs

Innovecs welcomes all attendees to visit its stand at the show – Booth S8-330. There the company will be demonstrating both its VR capabilities along with representative work across a broad swath of gaming.

Meet Innovecs at ICE 2017 Totally Gaming Conference

“We’re looking forward to demonstrating our unique capabilities and expertise in the gaming space,” commented Doug Dyer, Vice President of Gaming at Innovecs. “We believe the VR experience, alone, will prove worth the trip for many attendees.”

To learn more and schedule a meeting with Alex Lutskiy and Doug Dyer, please visit ICE2017.