Media Buying Platform

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July 15, 2015 1 min read

Innovecs developed a platform aimed at advertisers to carry out accurate targeted user acquisition campaigns.


Our client is offering a global automated advertising system specially designed for the needs of game companies.


The main product is a self-service platform for running precisely targeted user acquisition campaigns for advertisers. Target metrics are to be ~50% better advertising ROI comparing to competitive advertising channels. Machine learning algorithms to predict consumer behavior and automatically target the client’s campaigns to the most relevant audience.

Product Interface Image 1

media buying

Innovecs Contribution

RTB Bidder as a Smart Bidder – ads shown only to high potential users. Behavior Prediction – calculate the probability of user pass full sales cycle based on his behavior prediction and specific ads to show. Audience Database. ETL – custom engines and procedures to capture data from a variety of sources.


Yii2, Java, React.js, Python, Aero Spike.