According to the data shared by UNCTAD (The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), Ukraine is the leader in Central and Eastern Europe for the number of graduates entering tech jobs.

40,000 students graduated from universities and privately-owned IT schools with engineering degrees in 2017. As mentioned in its blog, over 70% of the Ukrainian programmers have diplomas in computer science while others often come from various professional fields like management and economics. If they change career paths, they prefer to take programming courses over entering higher educational institutions. They then obtain hands-on experience by working on real projects as trainees.

Ukrainian programmers grow in number thanks to plentiful job openings (about 3,000 vacancies appear monthly), an increasing interest in technologies and multiple perks offered by IT consulting companies. The working conditions and average salaries ($1,600 for 2017) remain very attractive. Here is the salary overview presented by Ukraine’s largest online IT platform,