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Innovecs Representative Armin Roth at Dmexco 2017

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Innovecs Representative Armin Roth at Dmexco 2017

To schedule a meeting with Innovecs representative, please contact:

Armin Roth,
Managing Director, Innovecs Europe

Recent posts
How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve the Logistics Industry

For a long time, logistics providers have depended on research and analytics to collect and understand the huge data they collect. But lately, data volumes continue to grow by leaps and bounds, making the old ways of doing business outdated. It is for this reason artificial intelligence is finding numerous applications in logistics industry networks within the supply chain.

In the logistics industry, artificial intelligence refers to new computing methods, like machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing. These new techniques help in both streamlining and automating processes from start to finish. In other words, computers can now be used to parse data, give analytics, and generate events depending on their conclusions. In the grand scheme of things, the new technologies mean a total reconfiguration in the logistics industry and the way business is carried out in 2018 and beyond.

Major Concerns of Retail Logistics Software

Retail logistics software is a vast topic that can be analyzed as a group of subdomains including but not limited to:

  • Container and pallet loading software
  •  Last mile logistics solutions
  •  Parcel software

This post will cover the challenges facing these three realms, including solutions that already exist as well as logistics management software still lacking in the market.

Whitepaper: Solutions to Cut Costs and Improve Productivity in Logistics

In 2017, the logistics industry reached $1,171B. This is as much as today’s Indonesia’s and twice as much as Belgium’s GDPs. Additionally, logistics is expected to grow to $1,374B by 2023.

Despite intensive development, transportation and logistics (T&L) continue to have low digitization. Only 28% of companies have rated themselves as “advanced” in this area. Other domains demonstrate considerably higher ratings. For instance, 41% of automotive and 45% of electronics companies brag about their “digital culture.”

This whitepaper will illustrate why T&L needs to be digitized, the behind-the-scenes challenges, and how software can impact the efficiency of T&L processes.