Innovecs position: together we are strong

March 1, 2022 1 min read

Innovecs is global. But our roots are deeply in Ukraine, our motherland. For six days we have been hiding in shelters, calling our beloved ones because someone decided that the empire strikes back. No, it doesn’t. On Feb 24, Russia invaded our country and committed its own diplomatic suicide — the entire world is a witness. We have lost our heroes, our men, and women who protect our land, our families. We lose our children. They will never be forgotten.

Are we afraid? Not a chance.

Innovecs is brave. We are positive our company has the best people from various corners of the world. Many of us have joined forces to protect Ukraine from evil, aggression, violence, ignorance — whatever our enemy thinks it is. Our corporate chat is a place where our dear employees support each other, help, direct, guide, consult and share whatever they can. We are one.

Innovecs is strong. We support our army — 500,000₴ will be sent to our Armed Forces of Ukraine. Innovecsers united to make contributions, and fundraising is on. Lionhearts who risk their lives can always count on our assistance and love — we are here for you. Dear partners, even in such circumstances, we do operate, because commitment and viability are in our blood. We cannot do otherwise.

Innovecs is care. To all our people — we truly love you. If work makes it easier for you — please, you are welcome. If your mental state does not let you do so — go hug your family. Be with them and do whatever you can to keep calm and live life since we have it. Do what it takes to take care of your health, mind, body, and soul. Hear this: none of you will be left alone — you are guaranteed to have your place in Innovecs and receive your compensation.

Innovecs is grateful. We would like to send our gratitude and love to our people — employees, partners, clients. Thank you for our shared journey no matter how hard it is. We look at the horizon and see light. Because we are all about opportunity, hope, kindness, care, and moving forward.

Glory to Ukraine and together we stand.
Слава Україні! Героям Слава!


April 18, 2022
Warehouse Optimization Tips To Enhance Your Revenue Stream
Traditional warehouses (or distribution centers) have faced the need for transformation and warehouse optimization due to two driving trends. Firstly, there’s a shift in the nature of fulfillment and distribution: customers expect agile and highly responsive service. To meet the needs of sophisticated customers companies should optimize the collaboration of men and machines to create highly productive collaboration. Secondly, warehouse management is experiencing the boom of technological innovation. So, to lead the market, companies should get acquainted with the warehouse optimization tips applying solutions empowered by IoT, AI, autonomous vehicles, collaborative robotics, and other trendy techs. BusinessWire, a global leader in press releases distribution, estimated in 2021 that more than 80% of the warehouses have no automation at all. And 52% of respondent companies declared an expected increase in the investments for warehouse optimization. Reading this blog, you have a chance to be among the first companies, which are striving to reduce labour costs and start getting higher revenues. For example, InboundLogistics platform calculated that labour expenses covered about 65% of most warehouse facilities’ operating budgets. The potential of warehouse optimization is about this issue as well: to reduce expenditures and increase efficiency. Standing among the rows of the goods in the warehouse, it’s extremely important to answer the question, which will influence further strengthening of the company’s reputation, its capacity to fulfill customers’ orders or manage delays and returns. The question is whether business owners have optimized the warehouse to the extent the company was ready to cope with the current industry challenges.
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