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Innovecs Digest, May 24: Google showed AI updates, South Korea topped the list of AI adopters in supply chain, blockchain is to help track aerospace parts

Latest Google AI updates just introduced at I/O 2018

Google AI update

Google just held its annual developer show and introduced its AI upgrades to the world. Enhanced Maps app using augmented-reality and computer-vision technology, Gmail powered by machine learning to prompt next words or phrases to type, and a few more improvements that do have much in common with updates presented by Apple and Amazon.

Discover more details here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-08/google-flexes-ai-muscle-while-chasing-rivals-at-i-o-conference 

Who will be the first to adopt AI and robotics in supply chain?

AI and robotics

AI and robotics are said to disrupt the supply chain industry and bring about even more automated tasks. Still, the UK and US experts see no danger in the new era of automation. They assert that it will just replace outdated jobs with new ones. So, which countries can become the early-adopters on top of South Korea and Germany?

See the Economist findings here: http://www.scdigest.com/ontarget/18-05-02-1_automation_index.php?cid=14162 

Blockchain may help track parts for the aerospace industry

Blockchain technology for aerospace

The true potential of blockchain technology goes far beyond cryptocurrency development. As Reuters claims, aerospace suppliers consider applying blockchain to track numerous parts that often slip out of aerospace engineering companies’ control. If done right, it will be beneficial not only in terms of operational costs.

Learn more about the gains from the news: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-aerospace-blockchain/aerospace-suppliers-look-to-blockchain-for-parts-tracking-idUSKBN1I32AW

AI is trained to see in the dark and take brighter RAW shots

AI powered photograph

An AI powered program was able to reduce the noise in the photos taken in the dark. The AI algorithm underwent over 5,000 tests before the neural network learnt how to separate images into different colors. The outcome – clearer photos with a much more accurate white balance.

Find out how the AI training was performed from this post: https://www.digitaltrends.com/photography/see-in-the-dark-research-low-noise-ai/ 

Blockchain asset tracking creates better gaming experience

Crypto and blockchain in gaming

Why make so much fuss about crypto and blockchain and their huge impact on gaming? These emerging technologies literally open new possibilities for both game creators and gamers. Incorporating them ensures the safety of transactions whenever gamers buy or sell in-game assets, while for game creators – it is a great revenue source.

Copy-paste the link to gain more insight: https://www.techbullion.com/the-blockchain-game/

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